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Nativity headdresses for adults - any ideas?

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Niecie Thu 02-Dec-10 09:53:00

I have to make 5 headdresses for the nativity play at Church in 2 weeks. The thing is that these headdresses are going to be passed round the congregation until some poor unsuspecting soul has to put them on. A bit like pass the parcel without the parcel and with a piece of cloth to put on instead!

I am debating how this thing should attach to people's heads and do it quickly so they don't have to faff about. I could sew in some elastic on the inside I suppose but there won't be an authentic head band and wrestling with elastic sounds fiddly. (I'm not a dress maker - I only do sewing when my fabric is flat like in patchwork and quilting grin)

Or I suppose I could make some sort of headband but what from? I don't want to spend £4 or £5 each buying headbands!

Any thought for the ever resourceful mumsnetters would be gratefully received!!

Thank you. smile

BlueChampagne Thu 02-Dec-10 15:39:09

Would a tinsel halo do? Maybe on garden wire?

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