Make your own Winter Ice Decorations

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mumzy Wed 01-Dec-10 16:13:01

Took advantage of cold weather and a closed school to make these with dc. used whatever flowers/leaves/berries we could find in the garden and some left over glitter. Have hung them on our tree and they are very beautiful should last a few more days I should think. Handy tips: use boiled cooled water for a clearer ice and we just left them to freeze outside overnight. For the moulds we used the plastic trays and aluminium patty tins from some mincepies we'd just eaten grin

Things You'll Need:
different sizes/shapes of baking dishes or pie tins
berries, leaves, flowers,seeds, glitter or any other natural decorative items
Line inside edge of each mould with yarn with enough yarn hanging over side for tying onto tree or anywhere else you may want to hang ornament

Fill pan with water and any natural decorations you wish

Place pans flat in freezer or outside if cold enough until thoroughly frozen

After frozen, dip bottom of in warm water for a few seconds to loosen, remove the ice and hang wherever you desire

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ShanahansRevenge Wed 01-Dec-10 19:17:07

OOOH thank you! I was looking allover the net yeterday nd could not find this...I saw a similar thing last year and knew my DDs would love it!

trice Mon 06-Dec-10 18:49:52

Thanks for this mumzy. I have just made some with the dcs. Hopefully they will freeze in the night.

chocoholic Mon 06-Dec-10 19:05:03

Loving this idea. That's us sorted for after school tomorrow, thank you.

Ulysses Mon 06-Dec-10 19:47:34

Fab idea - thanks for sharing!

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