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I have finally finished making my own advent calendar!

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overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 09:17:45

It was touch and go for a while, but I finally managed to finish sewing 24 mini stockings with little applique'd christmas theme images on each, and they are strung up on the wall now pegged to a pretty ribbon with clothes pegs that I have painted in colourful colours. There are two chocolates in each stocking.

Sorry, this is blatantly just a little show-off thread blush. But I have no one to tell in RL who would get ecited on my behalf.

Ooopsadaisy Tue 30-Nov-10 09:20:01

You are clearly a highly-talented and dedicated parent. Be proud. Take photos.

I am a skank who has forgotten to pick up a nasty Hello Kitty advent calender from Asda.

Thanks for the reminder.

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 09:26:01

Oops I tihnk DS would be more appreciative of a Ben Ten calendar from asda grin

One day he will appreciate it tohugh, and in the meantime it looks very pretty!

I use sewing as a way to de-stress. It is very theraputic.

Ooopsadaisy Tue 30-Nov-10 09:31:35

It's great you have a talent!

I use cycling to work, running and aggressive housework as a way to de-stress. Shouting at X-Factor also helps, as does alcohol.

I have many talented friends and am always in awe of their cooking, choral performances, quiltwork and patience. They also seem to have sanity too.

Well done you.

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 09:38:01

I like aggressive housewirk! God I know that helps!

I have put a photo of the stockings on my profile page.

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 09:39:05

I have no patience though, I could never be a quilter.

I botch everything I do, I am quick and impatient and cut corners.

coldcomfortHeart Tue 30-Nov-10 12:32:16

I love the little stocking advents overmydeadbody, they are adorable. I know what you mean about people not understanding your pride in sewing- I think as fewer people actually sew themselves than in years gone by they just don't know how much work goes into something.

I made four (masochist) fabric advent calendars and all of the teeny felt decorations for them this year for a craft fair I did, close ups here and all four with the different fabrics here. I did not have the energy to make one for my own family blush but maybe next year! I told people they could always pop chocolate coins in the pockets along with the decorations!

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 12:48:37

Wow coldcomfort, you are a pro, your advent calendars are amazing! I bet they sold like hotcakes.

Have had a nosey through your blog, you are one talented lady!

Where your stockings actually look like real stockings I have now realised mine look more like upside down candy canes! Will remember for future to change my pattern so the toe points down.

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 12:53:05

I love your white felt hearts too, and the bird quilt.

Quiltingmoomin Tue 30-Nov-10 14:28:19

They're lovely overmydeadbody - I'm jealous, my advent calendar is in bits on the living room floor...oh dear, I think it's a late one tonight. I'd swank away if I'd made all those are amoung like minded peeps here.

Btw I do quilting and consider myself to be monumentally impatient but somehow the quilting is my execption to the rule - its very Zen <wafts joss stick randomly hmm>

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 15:26:34

Thank you quilting!

I tihnk I'd be so impatient to see the results with quilting that any zen-like benefits would be lost on me grin

I did make a mini quilt for DS's doll once, that was fun and didn't take long.

coldcomfortHeart Tue 30-Nov-10 17:09:27

Thank you overmydeadbody, they did sell well, glad I listened to DH and put my price up! Glad you liked my blog too blush

I'm like that with quilting too quiltingmoomin, I don't have patience with other things. Which is why the advent calendars were good because I would make four little angels then move on and make four little snowmen, etc!

Quiltingmoomin Thu 02-Dec-10 10:26:01

My advent calendar is still in bits....oh dear

Quiltingmoomin Sun 05-Dec-10 09:36:10

And its done!!!!!!!!!!! Picture here - a bit wonky but I'm going to say its supposed to be like that grin

overmydeadbody Sun 05-Dec-10 18:12:00

love it Quiltin!

So much more professional looking than mine.

dizzyday07 Sun 05-Dec-10 18:21:58

I wish I was all as creative as you all - I made one up from a kit so it just needed the pockets sewn on, backing, a bit of quilting thrown in for good measure!

Quiltingmoomin Sun 05-Dec-10 19:52:49

I like your Thomas stocking dizzy I know a little boy who'd love that!! Kits are good, I'm just too tight to buy them!!!!!

Iwasthefourthwiseman Sun 05-Dec-10 20:28:13

Ah quilting I thought this would be your thread, glad to see you got yours done.

Well done too omdb, am jealous of you all having the skill and the time to do this. i have a velcro baby and my sewing machine skills are pretty ropey.

Quiltingmoomin Sun 05-Dec-10 21:12:44

Recent name change perchance?

Iwasthefourthwiseman Sun 05-Dec-10 21:40:55

Oh yes, sorry - my Christmas name

Quiltingmoomin Sun 05-Dec-10 22:13:20

Nice. Like it.

It's omdb who started this one, in my defence. Check out her lovely stockings (ooh err missus)

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