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Fimo - what happens if you just leave it and don't put in the oven?

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Sullwah Thu 25-Nov-10 13:31:19

ok - so we have a candlestick holder with large holder bits - too large for the candles we bought (and can't seem to find the right size).

So I stuck a bit of Fimo in to make them smaller.

But .... I can't get the Fimo out to oven bake it - if I just left the stuff in the candlesticks would that be ok?

1. Would it eventually dry?

2. If the candle burnt right down to the bottom - would that be ok? Or would it burn and produce noxious fumes?

Please no one tell me I should have bought another type of clay to use .... cos its too late .... blush

Blatherskite Thu 25-Nov-10 22:09:55

It's been years since I used FIMO and they might have changed it but I seem to remember open packs drying out and cracking. It'll go all crumbly eventually.

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