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Wottknott Wed 24-Nov-10 00:27:56

Aren't these lovely [Kirstie Allsopp moment] cute buttons I'd like the little handmade covered ones like the owls, squirrel and Russian Doll ones. Do you think Santa will bring me some?

kellestar Wed 24-Nov-10 11:57:32

You must be a woman with a lot of patience. I did some fabric covered buttons, big ones for a handbag and it was very frustrating, lining up the fabric just so every time. Patience isn't one of my things

Wottknott Wed 24-Nov-10 13:42:18

They're not mine, I've no patience for making such little treats. I think that's why I admire them so.

MumsieNonna Wed 24-Nov-10 13:51:37

Wow! Have a look at their shop - it's amazing. I love the shell pendants and gemstone beads and the cotton ribbon too. Thanks Wottknott.

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