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where can i buy wool and yarn online

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taytotayto Thu 18-Nov-10 21:14:11

my mother has taken up machine knitting again after 15 years and i would like to get her some wool. she likes to knit good quality wool yarn and i have no idea where the best place to look is. its 4 ply i think she needs,
thanks x

odisco Thu 18-Nov-10 21:27:35

Try the Black Sheep - I always get really good service there. Or Kemps wool shop or Simply Wool or Angel Yarns come to that.

But you really need to know what she is looking for! Does she need it on a cone, can she wind her own, does she only want 100% wool? - depends on the kind of knitting etc etc.

taytotayto Thu 18-Nov-10 21:35:44

odisco thanks so much for your really quick reply. she can wind her own and doesnt really care how it comes. she likes wool or a mix of wool because she says it hold its shape and knits better, she really likes knitting for my little girl. she does mostly knitting for children.

LatteLady Fri 19-Nov-10 12:00:11

You might wish to avoid Angel Yarns as they do not have a great reputation - just google their name.

Unprune Fri 19-Nov-10 13:12:28

Google JC Rennie. They do lovely yarns on the cone. If you can get a shade chart, do: they do a big range of colours. I think their cone range is 4-ply. Their website isn't the best to get around, though.

Unprune Fri 19-Nov-10 13:13:39

Also Texere do cones of all sorts of yarns, quite good prices.

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