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Where do you work? Studio / Table Top / Shed??

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JennyHaniver Thu 18-Nov-10 13:28:12

Just that really. I'm curious as i work in the house in the spare room but am finding it increasingly hard to concentrate as normal house stuff keeps encroaching on 'my space'. Am i the only one who finds this sort of thing off putting or can some of you turn a blind eye to the washing machine stopping and the bank statements and school trip letters piling up on what should be your desk?
Any tips (other than getting as garden office - oh how i covet one of those)? grin
If it's relevant i paint and do some glass work but i'd like to know how any artists and crafters work.

JennyHaniver Thu 18-Nov-10 15:39:42

Anyone? <pathetic bump>

sausagedoesnotroll Thu 18-Nov-10 15:51:15

The work I do is not crafting/art related, but I also work at home. I work at a desk in a corner of DS's bedroom when he's at nursery, since it's the only place we have to put a desk. I also find normal house stuff gets in the way. Apart from not being able to concentrate when there's other stuff that needs doing, the other day I nearly had a fit when, in an otherwise silent house, a small clockwork tractor that I didn't know was there shot out from under a pile of papers I picked up to read.

I'm just about to go on maternity leave again, but when I go back I'm going to be giving up on the working from home malarky for exactly that reason.

I don't really do any crafting any more [sniff] as there's nowhere I can put stuff down that it doesn't get mangled by small hands (or risk mangling them)

kellestar Mon 22-Nov-10 13:41:53

I work in the spare room to. We had it set up as a home office for DH and extra worktop space for me to craft. I crochet downstairs loafing on the sofa, but papercrafts/jewellery making is on the worktop.

DH always dumps stuff on my half, or on top of a project that I've left midway. Yet the space on his desk is clear.

Trays seem to help, one for family stuff, one each for personal stuff. The only drawback is I end up dealing with stuff in the family and my personal tray and he never deals with his stuff until it overflows and I put it on his desk to deal with.

My DH also has a garage to store all his 'other' stuff it's fits two landrovers, a tractor and all his tools and junk plus additional worktop space. I keep threatening to pile stuff up in his space, but it's so darned cold out there, I just can't work out there or leave stuff out there.

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Nov-10 09:24:36

I built a workstation with a 6ft by 3ft bit of wood in the corner of my living room, resting on two filing cabinets. Then I put up shelves the entire length of the workstation all the way to the ceiling.

Both DP and I use it, I do all my sewing and art on one side and he does all his electronics on the other side. SOmetimes one of us will need more space than the other, but it's only for hobbies that we use it.

It is grewt not having to use the dining table any more, and not having to clear away mid-project.

We could do with double the space though, and will hopefully one day move to a bigger house and have a whole room dedicated to our 'workspace'.

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