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Any Wool Shops in/around Birmingham?

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size6feet Sun 14-Nov-10 05:08:00

Does anyone know where I can go and look at wools, knit/crochet patterns and made up samples? Are there any good little shops hiding anywhere.

jendifa Mon 15-Nov-10 09:53:10

There is one in Halesowen. I used to get wool from HOF or John Lewis in Solihull.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 15-Nov-10 09:57:08

There used to be a good one on Bearwood High Street called The Wool Shop (ingenious yes ?). I haven't been for a while though so I am not 100% certain whether its still there

jendifa Mon 15-Nov-10 11:46:21

It lived in Bearwood until 2009 and I don't remember it being there then, so don't think its about anymore unless its been open since then IYSWIM

pearlgirl Mon 15-Nov-10 11:52:37

I saw a lovely looking wool shop when I was at the Custard Factory in Digbeth. I would have gone in but had to get to the station. fab bead shop there as well.

watercress Mon 15-Nov-10 11:58:54

There used to be a good wool selection at a shop in Kings Heath (near Rainbow chinese restaurant) - I think it's still there.

You could always try pharmacies - some stock wool, bizarrely enough.

size6feet Mon 15-Nov-10 22:35:36

Thanks for those suggestions.

jendifa, could you tell me whereabouts in Halesowen the shop is please. (dont know that area very well).

I'll have a look in the Custard factory tomorrow when I'm in town - didnt know they had one there so thanks for that pearlgirl.
and I can head to Bearwood from there too.

I have looked in Kings Heath High St but no shop to be found- only founnd a little sewing supplies in the In-Shops nearby.

I'm not a great knitter/crocheter but looking for some inspiration and like to see things in the flesh.

jendifa Mon 15-Nov-10 23:07:27

It's on the main high street. Follow signs for H'owen town centre and you pass a cemetry on the right as you go up a hill. It's on the left there.

Quiltingmoomin Tue 16-Nov-10 11:13:31

The SUe Ryder shop near us has started stocking yarn - it may be a national thing so perhaps try your local branch?

size6feet Wed 17-Nov-10 02:07:32

Didnt manage to get anywhere today but making up a list of places to go for a look so thank you to jendifa and Quilting for your input.

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