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Knitters, what do you want for Christmas?

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SuePurblybilt Sat 30-Oct-10 07:13:48

I have someone to buy for who doesn't do clothes, smellies,gift sets, books, dvds - anything really grin. Imagine a kind of gruff Ann Widdecombe style "it's all frippery and nonsense" approach. But she does knit well and I'm wondering is there a must-have gadget that I could get her in the knitting world?

hazchem Sat 30-Oct-10 12:16:25

Thread cutter, needle gauge, interchangeable needles (i have a dennis set already but would love the knitpro ones cause they are so pretty)
If there is a kntting shop near her how about a voucher from the shop that way she could get wool from it that she likes.

sazziej Sat 30-Oct-10 16:51:00

Personally I think a voucher for her local knitting shop is an excellent idea - I would certainly love it if somebody bought me one.

Niecie Sat 30-Oct-10 16:59:34

Oh yes, having seen the title of this thread I was going to say the interchangeable needles too. Probably the Knitpro ones. They are expensive though.

Do you know what she knits? If she is into socks or shawls or something small like that, you could get her a skein of really nice yarn - pure cashmere or a mix of something nice (cashmere, silk and merino). They aren't cheap - say £15ish.

Or a nice knitting bag to put her bits in.

The thing that I keep seeing in all the magazines at the moment is a yarn bowls. It looks like a tea cup and you put your ball of wool in it and feed the thread through a hole in the side. Presumably it stops it getting in a mess and rolling away. Something like this

Unprune Sat 30-Oct-10 17:02:15

What's your budget?
A good place for yarn is Old Maiden Aunt

appledumpling Sat 30-Oct-10 17:02:56

I would love a voucher if it was me.

Quiltingghostie Sat 30-Oct-10 18:51:42

I've just got a yarnbowl and I love it - completely pointless but lovely to have. Miine is the Tiffany one from here - its gorgeous.

What about a subscription to a knitting mag?

Must say I'm lusting after the knit-pro needles too.

sazziej Sat 30-Oct-10 21:18:18

oooh I've only just taught my self to knit and have never heard of a yarnbowl.... but I want one now!

SuePurblybilt Sun 31-Oct-10 08:06:47

Thank you, the yarn bowls look good. Or the knit-pro things. I have no idea about shops - she lives at the other end of the country - so that site is useful, thanks.
She knits jumpers mostly I think, I can't think of anything else I've seen. And I know she likes Kaffe (do I mean that? The colourful squares chap).

BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 31-Oct-10 08:07:51

knit pro short dpn sock needles

BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 31-Oct-10 08:08:21

Kaffe Fassett

SuePurblybilt Sun 31-Oct-10 08:08:34

Curses, the yarnbowls all sold out. They're lovely too. Will google.

DutchOma Sun 31-Oct-10 16:30:49

But will she like it if she is the no-nonsense type?
I think a token to her local yarn store would be much more useful. Google the nearest yarn store through he post code.
Or see if there are any internet stores that do tokens.

SuePurblybilt Sun 31-Oct-10 17:38:21

Well acksherly, the yarn bowl is for my Mum, she is very pottery-inclined grin and also knits. For my step-mother I am thinking the knit-pro needles or a voucher, she would be less impressed with the bowl.

I only really do token presents for Step-mum and Dad so a voucher would maybe look a little mean iyswim.My father will just be getting jokey stuff so spending a huge amount on a voucher would be very much out of the norm for our family.

Fibilou Fri 05-Nov-10 17:16:50

I've asked for a Cath Kidston knitting bag and some goodies - needles etc as I've not been knitting long and don't have much "kit".

NotAnotherChinHair Sun 07-Nov-10 17:17:00

Cath Kidston stuff is a lovely indulgence; also, a full set of bamboo needles in a roll; again, she probably already has needles but might just be the aluminum ones...?

trice Mon 08-Nov-10 09:48:04

I am a no nonsense kind of knitter and get given several knitting baskets/knitting bags/cheap sets of needles etc every year. I appreciate the effort that people go to but I never use that sort of thing.

I would like a few hanks of this gorgeous yarn from kemps wool shop.

Unprune Mon 08-Nov-10 10:06:25

I want a subscription to the Old Maiden Aunt three-month yarn club. Sadly it is £110 or something, therefore not really on my list, but since you ask... grin

I never use straight needles any more. Addi lace turbos are the business. Loads of what's out there is written more for the American market and they tend to use circular needles, knit things in the round.

There are some lovely books out. Brave New Knits and New England Knits spring to mind.

Quiltingmoomin Thu 11-Nov-10 20:09:22

I want time, time to sit and knit. Babysitting vouchers would be brilliant !

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