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Card Boxes- for birth announcements (with miniature handmade teddy)...

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MrsEffervescent Sat 20-Aug-05 22:15:20

where can i get cheap card boxes...i want them to be about 6x4"(150mm x 110mm)... and ideally the sort with a lid and base???

My mum and i are making 'birth announcement' cards (hand knitted teddy velco'd into centre of a lace trimmed 'apperture' card) the box needs to be 2 " deep....(5cm) allow for the teddy.... so i am wondering if i'll end up having to use the boxes that are almost a flat cylynder which you tuck in the sides to seal????

jayzmummy Sat 20-Aug-05 23:50:11

have a look here

MrsEffervescent Sun 21-Aug-05 00:10:02

thankyou...soooo much!
wondered if you'd be around!!!

The box with the clear oval cut out lid looks perfect!!!

I've even got my dad involved ...persuading mum that it's worth spending up top a quid on the presentation box these boxes are well in budget!!!

I've been googling for an hour ...and getting right fed up!!!

(my dad just bought a handmade ruby anniversary card online...and paid £17!!!!!! It is gorgeous....but not finished very that's where my dad got the idea for me to really get going on my he didn't ask me to do it cos he knew i was bogged down with all the DLA stuff...but when it arrived and he knew i do better- he plucked up the courage to sk me to 'fix it'.... and then has offered to 'set me up' with some craft stuff...even buying me a 'sizzix' set i reassured him that no matter how streesed my life spend an hour 'crafting' so much fun!!!

jayzmummy Sun 21-Aug-05 00:17:50

Get going Mrs E.....I find it so rewarding. Card making is my "me" time. When I make and sell a card, getting the positive feedback makes me feel appreciated....not something that happens very often in this house!!!
Hows things with you?
Are the guys all OK?
We never did get to sort out a summer get together. My two talk about our meeting lots...epecially the chair falling to pieces incident[snigger emotion needed]

champs Sun 21-Aug-05 00:37:21

sorry to butt in, so sweet of your dad! and whoo hoo sizzix is great.

hub2dee Sun 21-Aug-05 00:43:51

Also: here .

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