Those little £50 sewing machines at JL-any good?

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bratnav Sun 11-Jul-10 21:36:01

That's it really.

Complete novice, I just want to make cushion covers/curtains and maybe later some clothes for the DCs, would these be any good?

I am embarrassed to say that I am loving the colours, bit like when I buy a car :D

KnitterInTheNW Sun 11-Jul-10 21:37:13

My sister had one for christmas (the pistachio one!) and says it's really good.

bratnav Sun 11-Jul-10 21:58:01

Thanks knitter, what does she use it for? Just want to know if it's ok for furnishing fabrics.

stanausauruswrecks Sun 11-Jul-10 22:01:14

I've just put mine away for the evening. I have made some curtains and cushion covers using quite a heavy fabric (got it in Ikea , if that's any help!), and it has coped well - I'm really pleased with it!

bratnav Sun 11-Jul-10 22:17:20

Oooh thanks stan, is it easy to use?

janeite Sun 11-Jul-10 22:23:14

We bought one for the girls the Christmas before last. It is great but we've only used it on dress fabric.

Squitch Mon 12-Jul-10 09:41:48

I've got one and it copes well with most of the things i've made (curtains, cushion covers, summer dresses) - it did struggle a bit hemming a pair of jeans but i knew I was pushing it!

It's really easy to use, I bought mine last year as I hadnt owned a sewing machine before and didnt really want to pay a lot of money for a hobby that might not last, but I use it a couple of times a week at least

Curiousmama Mon 12-Jul-10 09:47:13

I've been after a sewing machine for also a novice...these look great thanks smile

bratnav Mon 12-Jul-10 10:37:29

Yay! Nw which colour shall I get?

domesticsluttery Mon 12-Jul-10 10:44:05

Oooh, I see this being on my Christmas list...

I borrow MIL's 1960s Singer when I need to sew things, but it is a hassle as I have to check she isn't using it herself, collect it, take it back if she needs it etc.

This might be the answer! grin

kiwibella Mon 12-Jul-10 11:30:02

aw domestics... I used to have the use of my grandmother's sewing machine (at home in NZ) and I miss that thing! It still had the purchase details - dated late 50s.

I have my own machine now grin. Hope my girls will feel just as sentimental in 50 years time!

Blottedcopybook Sun 18-Jul-10 13:09:11

I bought my sister in law one of these for her birthday and I was surprised by how flimsy it is. It's not designed to be a household sewing machine, it'd probably cope fine with soft furnishings but I'm pretty surprised to read Squitch saying she'd tried to hem jeans with it!

It really depends what you want to use it for in the long term - personally, I'd fork out the extra and get a decent sturdy machine that you know won't chew up your fabric and will cope with whatever you decide to sew now and in the future.

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