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Should I do an apprenticeship in the early years sector?

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I am currently in 1st year of uni in Ireland and am studying Early Childhood Care and Education. Unfortunately, I hate the academic side of the course and uni life in general so think I will leave uni at or before the end of first year.

I love working with children so was thinking of doing an apprenticeship in the early years sector instead (even if it would be a backwards step from where I am now in terms of level) so was wondering if I should do an apprenticeship in the early years sector in the UK and if so what type of one should I do? (I’ve see variations in the names of them so am a bit confused and would like to know what would be the best one to do!)

Ideally I’d like to be a pre-school teacher (rather than a nursery assistant, but would be happy with either). And I think I have the necessary grades in my GCSE and A-Level equivalents so should be able to do a Level 3/Advanced one rather than a Level 2/Intermediate one .

Thanks in advance! smile

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