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Can you please tell me about medical termination experience, please?

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winnybella Wed 10-Mar-10 21:27:26

I have another thread about a termination I am about to undergo and everyone was immensely helpful.

I thought I would start a new one as the other one was dealing more with possible consequences like guilt etc. than with a physical aspect.'ll be next Tuesday (first set of pills) and I'm a bit scared by all the horror stories circulating on the net.
I know it's likely to be very painful, but what I would like to know is how did this pain compare to labour? More like the beginning or more like the end? I don't have painful periods, so I don't really get it when people say'it was like period cramps but stronger', for example. Labour I understand quite well smile.

Please, come and tell me. It's been v.stressful time for me and DP, it will be doubly horrid during the termination as I won't be able to breastfeed for a few days- poor, poor DD- and I just would like to prepare myself mentally for the actual procedure.

Thank you.

winnybella Wed 10-Mar-10 21:37:57

hopeful bump

winnybella Thu 11-Mar-10 08:50:12


Eulalia Thu 11-Mar-10 10:14:50

Hi Winny, I couldn't leave your question unanswered. I had a termination just over a year ago at one day short of 18 weeks. No it wasn't as bad as labour but near the end the cramps were pretty painful. I would say at this stage it was like labour but fortunately it didn't last long. I had my first set of tablets about 7.30am, another set a few hours later and started to feel mild pain late morning. Was able to eat my lunch but by then was getting a bit sore.

The baby was born about 2pm, and I would say that was the hardest part, that last hour. However I wish I'd taken it earlier as I was offered some morphine and literally minutes later the baby popped out. The nurse said it can help to relax the cervix. So I'd advise you to take it earlier on and it helps with the pain.

This is obviously my experience. Apparently I was very quick and some women can take longer but I guess being relaxed (if you can about such a thing!) does help.

Oh and another thing I too read that I'd not be able to breastfeed. However I emailed a breastfeeding consultant who has a list of contraindicated drugs and he said that there would be no risk. Although my son was just a toddler so he wasn't taking much anyway. I don't know how old your baby is so yes it may be a problem. But just to say it certainly isn't anything that hangs around in your bloodstream for a long time.

All the best for you. It is an awful thing to go through but just take whatever you need in the way of painkillers etc and it won't be so bad. Try and get in as early as possible, I asked to be admitted at 7am, that way I was out by 7pm and was home by 8 (drove myself home) and could put my kids to bed. All done in a day, which is what I wanted.

I will be thinking of you. Am trying to forget mine as it is a year now but if I can be of any help please ask. Big hugs. xxxx

winnybella Thu 11-Mar-10 10:33:33

Thank you. It must have been heartbreaking for you.
I'm just 6 weeks so I wonder whether that will make a difference in how painful it will be. I don't know your circumstances but I imagine doing it at 18 weeks must have been so hard.
It's true for breastfeeding in my case, though, as the first pill, mifepristone stays in a your body for quite a few days. I'm guessing you were induced with just misoprostol.
Take care of yourself x

Eulalia Thu 11-Mar-10 11:28:00

Thanks winny. I am OK now, time does heal, corny but true. My baby had Downs, was picked up at amnio at 15.5 weeks. I've got 3 kids already and the new baby wasn't planned and was due the day before I turned 44. I think we would have gone ahead (even though at first I felt quite resentful of the 'intruder' to the family) but the disability aspect just tipped the balance.

Yes it should be easier for you at 6 weeks, I should hope so.... I am annoyed in retrospect I wasn't offered a CVS so I could have done it all earlier but don't get me started.....! I've got over it now and putting it all behind me.

I did have mifepristone but my toddler was just down to a couple of feeds per day, more for comfort than anything. I did wait a day though before starting again.

All the best to you.

winnybella Thu 11-Mar-10 18:37:27

and bump...

NumptyMum Thu 11-Mar-10 19:46:23

As with Eulalia, I delivered at 16wks - no idea how this differs to early procedures but I found the pain not too bad. Was offered painkillers, and I actually took my TENS machine (as was worried it would be more like full on labour pains - and it did help) but it was NOTHING like full labour pains. Really was fine.

No-one ever mentioned about the breastfeeding link to me! Guess they never thought to ask if I was still bf as DS was just under 2...

Hoping someone with earlier experience comes along...

winnybella Thu 11-Mar-10 20:33:53

Thank you, Numpty! That's good to know.
No one mentioned bf to me either at the first appointment til I brought it up at the last moment. Probably it didn't occur to them that DD(13 mo) was still bf.

winnybella Thu 11-Mar-10 21:11:54

last desperate bump

winnybella Fri 12-Mar-10 13:08:52

and one more...really the last...

LittlePoot Fri 12-Mar-10 20:47:13

Hi Winny. I'm really sorry you're having to deal with this and I hope things go smoothly for you.

I terminated at 13 weeks after a Downs diagnosis as well and I have to say that after the second set of pills I had to be filled with morphine and gas and air and it still hurt.... Either I'm a big wuss or the pain is different for different people. I recently had a surgical procedure after a missed miscarriage and I even had massive cramps and needed super strong pain relief after that.

Hopefully the fact that you're so much earlier will make everything quicker and less painful for you, but I'd probably advise you just accept all of the pain relief you can to make sure. I really do hope things go well for you. x

winnybella Fri 12-Mar-10 21:43:12

Thanks LittlePoot and sorry for your losses sad

Am properly scared now.

With DD I was fine up til last couple of hours, think about 7 cm. I had very painful contractions but I could deal with them with breathing etc.

So if it's like anything before transition I can probably deal with it. But if it's worse...

Off to have a bath and read Zola- he's v.depressing and it's taking my mind off my own misery.

Anyone else?

LittlePoot Fri 12-Mar-10 21:54:54

Well, don't forget though that a) this one is much smaller than your baby when you gave birth and b) you get morphine. Which either takes the pain away or takes you away from the pain. Either way, it's something you're definitely not allowed in labour and something which can help you here. I think there's a good chance you'll get all psyched up and then it'll hardly hurt at all. I'll keep my fingers crossed. x

Cantdothisagain Sat 13-Mar-10 06:31:59

I had a medical termination at 13 weeks as the baby was full of fluid and couldn't have survived. Anyway I didnt have morphine or anything more than paracetamol/ibuprofen, and it was fine. To me it was NOTHING like as bad as labour pain. I mean - it did hurt, but it was over quite fast (pain started around 12.30, baby delivered at 2.30) and it never got unmanageable.

I've also had a medical termination at 20 weeks for another condition incompatible with life, and that really did hurt and I did need morphine.

I hope at your stage it won't be too bad either.

Oh and I bf after; was told it was fine.

winnybella Sat 13-Mar-10 21:05:02

Cantdothisagain- I'm so sorry, it must have been so hard going through that. Thanks for sharing- it gives me some hope it's not going to be that bad.

I can deal with a fair deal of pain, but NOT like the end of labour...not without proper pain killers which I don't think will be available's in hospital, but the outpatient unit and they're talking about ibuprofen...

Only horror stories on the internet, with people passing out, screaming in agony etc.


Huyuns Fri 28-Oct-16 15:43:44

Hi everyone.can anyone tell me about medical abortion at 12 week, any experience am so 12 weeks preg and i want to do medical abortion, i can't do surgical cause its illegal in my country.plz help me out

AliBingo Sat 29-Oct-16 11:04:13

Hi, might be better to start a new thread as people won't see this post as easily.

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