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Is the presence of nasal bone taken into consideration when calculating the odds of DS?

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LaCerbiatta Wed 26-Aug-09 10:52:16

I had a high nuchal fold measurement (2,8 mm) which with my age (35) took the odds to 1:24. Normal bloods then took it down to 1:113. I was wondering if the presence of nasal bone was taken into consideration when calculating this. Does anyone know? Did anyone have similar results? From reading around the nasal bone seems to be quite a reliable marker... Also the blood flow on that vessel (can't remember the right name for it) was also ok. Not sure if this is considered or not.

I had a CVS on Monday and I'm expecting the results today....I'm so anxious I can't concentrate on anything else...

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Wed 26-Aug-09 10:58:54

I don't know if it's part of the odds calculations, sorry, but just wanted to say good luck. Do you know what time the results will be back?
How was the cvs?

LaCerbiatta Wed 26-Aug-09 11:04:42

They told me they would call with the results later today or early tomorrow. Thanks for the good luck wishes!!

CVS was more painful than I thought, but over very quickly. Not an unpleasant experience overall. The consultant seemed very experienced and competent and said he didn't have a miscarriage in ages, so I felt reassured and confident.

Now, fingers crossed for the result!

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Wed 26-Aug-09 15:08:02

that's good - hope you are keeping your feet up!

Can you start ringing them and hassling them for results yet?

LaCerbiatta Thu 27-Aug-09 11:11:11

Got my results - they came back clear!!
Big sigh of relief!!

linspins Fri 28-Aug-09 19:29:11

Tugamommy - that's great! It's good to hear when results are clear, as obviously on this area of Mumsnet there are lots of stories that end differently.
I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly now. Best wishes.

LaCerbiatta Sat 29-Aug-09 10:41:30

Thanks linspins! smile

I'm still slightly concerned about the association between high nuchal measurement and heart problems, but will try not to think about it for now.

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Mon 31-Aug-09 12:10:48

That's great news! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy

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