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slightly thick nuchal fold

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anniemac Fri 24-Jul-09 12:20:03

Message withdrawn

mowmi Fri 24-Jul-09 17:04:11

Anniemac - just posted on other thread. did they check the heart function? If they did I really wouldn't worry - my largest measurement was 3.9 (had various!) and my boy is looking ok and was told not to worry and enjoy it.

If they didn't check the heart properly and you are not going to be able to relax maybe pay for a private scan - I had a really through one when I went private for my NT.

Take care.

anniemac Fri 24-Jul-09 17:34:16

Message withdrawn

anniemac Fri 24-Jul-09 17:36:52

Message withdrawn

Northernlurker Fri 24-Jul-09 17:43:51

You can have a specialist cardiac scan before 20 weeks. I had 1 at about 18 weeks I think. (Because of my older daughter's heart valve problem) I wonder if you could get yours moved up - or even go private to get the reassurance from it that bit quicker?

How sure of your dates are you - because that can skew the nuchal measurement can't it? It sounds like everything else was looking good though so try not to worry too much at this point.

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 17:48:50

I had a nuchal scan with my dd (second child) and although the results were fine, I did quite a bit of research on the test and decided that it was not an accurate enough predictor of downs for my needs. I ended up having an amnio for peace of mind. There is plenty of research that stress during a pregnancy can be detrimental to the baby. And amnio's are so much safer nowadays than they used to be. I was 39 when I had dd.

mowmi Fri 24-Jul-09 18:50:26

Hi Anniemac, combination of both. I had my last scan with a fetal cardiologist at kings before that I had saw a sonographer before they did the cvs (also at Kings) They've brought my scan forward to dead on 20 weeks so whilst I live in Surrey I'm staying under their care for the now.
They really know what they are doing over there - now I know you had it done at Kings I really think you shouldn't worry.

The consultant said to me they rarely see anything at 20 weeks that wasn't there as a warning following nt scans / scares.
The sono. I saw before also told me not to worry, he also checked really throughly and said the protocol with my measurement was to see a specialist but he hadn't seen anything at all to worry about.

Try and get rid of the niggle - I'm a real worrier but I honestly wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

anniemac Mon 27-Jul-09 11:57:26

Message withdrawn

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