There's no point having a "20 week" anomaly scan after 22 weeks ...

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MsBrandybuck Tue 12-May-09 13:19:34

according to my GP that is.

I am 21 weeks tomorrow and due to administrative cock-ups, I now have no anomaly scan arranged.

I have refused all other tests despite being 42. I wanted the scan because I have a high risk of my baby having Down's Syndrome purely based on my age. There are issues with where I will give birth and I want to ensure that if there are any known problems I can plan as much as possible in advance.

Anyway, my GP's comment has thrown me somewhat. DH has rather negatively interpreted it as a need to find out any problems before official viability is reached presumably so that a "problem" could be "sorted more easily". (He shares my view of not considering termination especially for Down's Syndrome BTW)

Could this be it? Or could there be a medical reason why an anomaly scan can't be carried out later. I was thinking lack of meaningful data for example.

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Flibbertyjibbet Tue 12-May-09 13:29:39

I had my 20 week scan for ds2 done at 21.5 weeks due to the christmas break and the hospital being busy.
Downs can't be detected at 20 week scan, thats done at a nuchal scan much earlier.
I was 43 with ds2 and had nuchal scans at about 11 weeks with him and ds1 (when I was 42).

<<prepares to be corrected if someone comes along who knows better about downs and 20 weeks scans>>

I can understand your stance on termination, nuchal was not widely available with ds1 and I had refused an amnio. Maybe the medical profession are just so used to people thinking they will terminate if there's anything wrong sad that he thinks you saying you wouldn't terminate, means there is no need for a scan?
But things can show up at the 20 weeks scan as my best friend found out two years ago.
Can you ring the hospital/scanning place yourself? My gp wasn't involved in anything after the initial preganancy test.

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 12-May-09 13:35:29

I had both my 20 week scans at 22 weeks as the hospital was busy and couldn't fit us in any earlier. I can't think of any medical reason why you can't have it later. I'd go back to the GP (or try and see another one) and explain that you want the scan just in case there may be any problems so you are able to prepare for them and sort out the best care for you and the baby.

Castiel Tue 12-May-09 13:37:46

Can you speak to a mw?

I was 22 weeks when I had my anomoly scan.

franke Tue 12-May-09 13:38:15

Your GP is not necessarily an expert on all things pregnancy related including scans. The 20 wk scan won't conclusively show up conditions including Downs syndrome, but it may show up certain soft markers. Besides that it is an incredibly reassuring scan to have - all being well it will show a fully-formed baby and give a limb and organ count. I would ring the scanning dept yourself; they may be able to fit you in if they have a cancellation.

Picante Tue 12-May-09 13:38:48

I had mine booked for 22 + 2 but managed to get an earlier cancellation.

luvaduck Tue 12-May-09 13:52:36

she is talking rubbish

it can pick up lots of things - for example if a heart defect was found - it would be good to know about it before the baby is born, so a special care bed can be arranged, paeds on site, early op etc. lots of other reasons too.

I'm a GP btw


MsBrandybuck Tue 12-May-09 14:03:53

Thanks all. I have another thread to do with arranging my scan here I just thought this might be a more appropriate place to discuss my GP's comment.

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MsBrandybuck Wed 13-May-09 12:44:48

Sorry, couldn't get back on here before now.

luvaduck Thank you. I didn't word my OP very well but that was what I meant.

I will ask my midwife to refer me for the scan this afternoon. At least if nothing major shows up I will be a little less worried about the prospect of giving birth on the living room floor/hard shoulder of the M5 which I believe is quite likely and a whole other thread hmm.

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saintlydamemrsturnip Sat 16-May-09 21:19:37

A baby with Down Syndrome can be terminated up to birth so there's no viability reason for the scan being no use after 20 weeks.

I had a later one in one of my pregnancies I think (slightly). Some things can't be seen that clearly after 20 weeks, but that doesn't mean you can't get information from them. Some markers for DS can be seen at this time.


StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sat 16-May-09 21:36:56

Also some conditions if found can be treated in utero. So thats a definate good reason for having a scan even if after 20 weeks.

MsBrandybuck Wed 27-May-09 01:46:58

Thanks for all the replies. My GP was clearly talking out of arse once again. I have eventually got my scan arranged. It is this Thursday, when I will be 23 weeks.

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polleeb Mon 01-Jun-20 15:49:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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