NT 2mm at 12 weeks, 89th centile

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Cafeaulait27 Mon 05-Apr-21 18:06:35

Hi guys. I’m just having a little freak out/cry about my NT result last week (waiting for full combined results this week)

I got 2mm which I thought was good, everyone said it was normal but when I typed it into an online calculator, as I was only 12+1 at the time it’s come up as 89th centile for this gestation. I’m now terrified with worry!


I have had 2 miscarriages, this is the furthest I’ve got, PCOS and I’ll be 34 this year. Just really want this baby to be ok

Is anyone able to give any insight or reassurance on this measurement at 12 weeks at all?

Thank you xx

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Sussexmidwife Mon 05-Apr-21 18:52:45

2mm is well within the “normal” range. Anything below 3.5mm is considered normal and as a sole marker would not trigger any additional investigations. The combined test takes this into account, along with your age and two hormones in your blood.
Wishing you well, and hoping you get a low chance combined test result very soon .

Cafeaulait27 Mon 05-Apr-21 19:21:58

Thank you @Sussexmidwife ❤️ I think I’m just scared because it seems to be high for only 12 weeks, according to the calculator and some studies I’ve read 😔

Sometimes I think I just keep researching until I find bad news! I felt really good after my scan and now just really worried, my results can’t come soon enough 🤞

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Mummy2O Mon 05-Apr-21 20:03:44

Hi. 2mm is perfectly normal for a 12 week scan measurement.

hols86 Mon 05-Apr-21 21:58:47

Perfectly normal for 12 weeks, mine was 2.2mm at 13 weeks. Anything under 3.5mm is considered well within the normal range

Cafeaulait27 Tue 06-Apr-21 07:39:34

Thank you everyone ❤️

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showmorekindness Tue 06-Apr-21 19:27:46

My NT was 2mm at 12+2 and combined screening results were absolutely fine

Cafeaulait27 Tue 06-Apr-21 19:34:54

@showmorekindness thank you ❤️❤️❤️ This has reassured me so much! Xxx

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Cafeaulait27 Wed 07-Apr-21 13:57:09

@showmorekindness when are you due?

Hopefully I will have my results in the next few days 😑 xxx

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Northernsoul90 Wed 07-Apr-21 14:32:10

@Cafeaulait27 Hi, as others have said anything under 3.5 is fine! I was the exact same as you - pregnant after MMC and terrified. I had my dating scan at 13 weeks with an NT of 2.5mm, I did the exact same as you and used the calculator and panicked! My results came back a week later as low risk 😊 please try not to google too much Ive vowed to stop as it was taking over my pregnancy and feeding into anxiety. Wishing you all the best for results I'm sure you'll be fine xx

Cafeaulait27 Wed 07-Apr-21 15:33:03

@Northernsoul90 you’re so right! I hate that bloody calculator 😭😭😭😭

How far along are you or have you had your rainbow baby now? 🌈 xxx

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Northernsoul90 Wed 07-Apr-21 17:31:37

@Cafeaulait27 I'm just about 15 weeks now - due late September. I must admit I stopped worrying about the test and then seem to find something else to panic over! Im a bundle of nerves atm so know how you feel xx

Mikamee Thu 08-Apr-21 13:02:00

Please don’t worry OP! Mine was 2.8 at 12 weeks and he’s currently napping on the sofa, perfectly healthy and bright as a button.

As PP’s have said 2mm is WELL within normal range for 12 weeks so please don’t worry yourself. NHS doctors don’t even investigate it as an issue if it’s under 3.5mm. Enjoy the fact you’ve seen your baby and will see them again in a few weeks


Cafeaulait27 Thu 08-Apr-21 13:34:36

@Northernsoul90 there’s always something isn’t there! I know I’ll be worrying about my next scan after this!

@Mikamee thank you! Glad to hear everything went well with your baba 😊 xx

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Cafeaulait27 Fri 09-Apr-21 19:00:43

Just got my results, came back as:

Downs 1:5670
Edwards/pataus 1:20000

I rang up to get them as I didn’t want to wait for the letter, so don’t have my actual blood results yet. But feeling very relieved 😌

I guess the chance for downs could be a bit lower odds, but I think my age (33) may have been a factor? Xxx

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Northernsoul90 Fri 09-Apr-21 19:25:33

Brilliant news @Cafeaulait27 yes I think age automatically gives a certain number regardless of bloods or NT measurement and then are 3 are combined to give a ratio. They are really great odds 😊 x

Mummy2O Fri 09-Apr-21 19:29:50

@Cafeaulait27 So glad to hear that your results have come back as low risk.

Mikamee Sat 10-Apr-21 13:54:32

Oh thats excellent! So happy about your results!

Cafeaulait27 Sun 11-Apr-21 07:05:40

Thank you so much guys ❤️

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Mummy2O Sun 11-Apr-21 08:35:02

How are you feeling now? x

Sixtyorforty Sun 11-Apr-21 13:15:28

My NT was 3.2 and born healthy.

Cafeaulait27 Sun 11-Apr-21 13:31:42

Thank you everyone!

@Mummy2O feeling pretty reassured, but thinking about having the NIPT SAFE test as our hospital offer it for £350 just for extra peace of mind. Their figures are very good for all 3 trisomies (99% positive predictive value and negative predictive value).

I might ring the hospital tomorrow to enquire, still undecided as I hate waiting for results but as the SAFE test is uk based it should be quite quick to get results xx

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Mummy2O Sun 11-Apr-21 15:25:01

If it saves you worrying it will be worth it for the peace of mind alone.

Cafeaulait27 Tue 13-Apr-21 11:34:10

Thank you @Mummy2O I actually just had it yesterday at my hospital, hope the results don’t take too long 🤞

I also got my screening bloods back today, it said the below:

bHCG 0.56 MoM
PAPPA 1.15 MoM

Does anyone know the normal thresholds for these results? Struggling to find it online and the geek in me wants to know 🤓

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Cafeaulait27 Fri 16-Apr-21 13:41:29

Hey guys just updating here - SAFE test results came back low chance, 1 in 100000 for all 3 trisomies so we’re over the moon!

The SAFE test is very accurate for all 3 so although not diagnostic we feel much better.

Looking forward to celebrating at the weekend now and relaxing a bit! Xx

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