CVS and NIPT Screening

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KV1212 Fri 02-Apr-21 10:02:09

Hi all,

I had a phone call yesterday confirming I have a 1/100 chance my baby will have edwards syndrome I had my 12 weeks scan just over a week ago...I am now 13 weeks 1 day
On my scan she did struggle to get clear measurements but did in the end and everything was fine.
My bloods are showing a significant drop in my Papp from my first child in 2018
I am 36 in May due October midwife said it is my age and the drop in my bloods.
Not sure to have the CVS screening or the NIPT screening has anyone had this recently?
Does anyone recommend NIPT screening in greater Manchester
Thank you

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Mummy2O Fri 02-Apr-21 10:29:09

Hi. I had both the NIPT test and an amniocentesis in the end (we did want a CVS but my placenta was in an awkward place).

The NIPT test is very accurate, but isn't 100%. My risk was 1 in 9 and I am the kind of person that would have spent months obsessing over the risk of it being wrong so the amnio was the only way forward for me. Everyone is different though. You need to weigh up the risks and consider how you feel about it. What would you want to do if it came back positive, would it make a difference to you? The Arc website ( is really good and full of clear and straightforward information. They also have a helpline,l if you want to talk things through with someone.

I hope you are OK. The worry is just horrible at this point. I will be thinking of you.

KV1212 Fri 02-Apr-21 11:04:16

How long did you wait for your NIPT test results? Or have you not got your results yet?
Awful this waiting x

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Mummy2O Fri 02-Apr-21 12:35:23

Mine took 5 working days, but I should add that mine was via the NHS rather than a private company. It is offered in Wales, but I am not sure that it is in England.

SarahD19 Fri 02-Apr-21 18:13:41

Hi I was in this position just over a year ago. Honestly knowing what I know now, I would not have CVS or NIPT for high risk Edwards or Patau’s - I’d go straight for amniocentesis.

There is higher risk of zygotic rescue and vanishing twin - as well as discordant placenta and foetal chromosomes. If you look up placental mosaicism you will find out more as well (if you haven’t already).

We had the very frightening experience of going through screening and CVS and being told the practitioner was 99% certain our baby would be impacted and not survive. It was not fully explained that compared to Downs there’s a strong evidence base that mosaicism can skew these results. We researched after months and months of uncertainty, and our baby is perfect.

CVS is a biopsy of the placenta and NIPT aims to analyse the placenta indirectly through Cell Free DNA (with a bit of guesswork involved). Hence both can be less accurate. Amniocentesis analyses amniocytes which are more likely to come from baby - so is far more accurate for Edwards Syndrome.

I wish you all the best. Happy to talk by PM if helpful xx

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