Ventriculomegaly, Fluid in brain

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NervousNana Fri 02-Apr-21 01:15:30

Hi, I saw alot of posts about ventriculomegaly, but VERY few about the ACTUAL outcomes. Interested in severe cases and the issues after birth? Ty all, just praying for next couple weeks, trying to prepare as we JUST learned this terrifying news for Grand child. What developmental issues arose, physical issues, etc. Appreciated!!!

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twotimestwo Tue 06-Apr-21 20:29:02

My DD had severe bilateral ventriculomegaly (>20mm @ 20 wks). No developmental issues at all. She's now 9.

Familyfallout Tue 06-Apr-21 20:47:25

My DD had ventriculomegaly and was diagnosed with autism at 6yrs old and is now 18yrs. She is physically very healthy and was my easiest, happiest baby. Primary school was hard for her so she went to specialist autism school from 11yrs and is now at a similar college where she is doing an A level - she doesn't have any learning difficulties but the autism anxiety held her back in exams. Good luck - the news takes some adjusting to flowers

Mumblechum0 Tue 06-Apr-21 21:01:36

My DS2 was diagnosed with this at 32 weeks. We were told to expect significant brain damage, given that and polyhydramnia which turned out to be totally unrelated.

He’s just finished his second MSc 😊, is happily married, and runs his own company.

Try not to fret until your DGC is born and gets to their milestones.

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