Early scan no sac

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twinmummy8 Fri 02-Apr-21 15:11:39

My hcg results came back and where 762 yesterday , have another scan booked for Thursday I would of been exactly 5 weeks yesterday from when I conceived but 7 weeks from my last period . Still very concerned but hoping for the best

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PurBal Fri 02-Apr-21 07:24:53

Unlike @spookycookies my son didn't have a heartbeat at 5+5. I was asked if my dates were wrong because he was so small. When I had a follow up scan 2 weeks later all was well and my EDD was brought forward from my LMP so clearly he did a lot of growing. My EDD was brought forward again at my 12 week scan. Babies don't grow along a linear line. What are the healthcare professionals saying OP? Sounds like they're doing tests so currently inconclusive? Our 2 weeks to find out whether our baby was still alive was horrendous so I do empathise. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way flowers

spookycookies Fri 02-Apr-21 07:02:03

At 5 weeks and 5 days I saw a baby and heartbeat on an internal scan. To not even see a sack is concerning. Are you certain on your dates?

ivfbeenbusy Fri 02-Apr-21 06:19:21

I'm surprised they scanned you with hcg at that level - it usually needs to be around 1000+ for a sac to be visible. At 5 weeks yes you would expect hcg to be higher and doubling every 2 days

SecretEaterer Thu 01-Apr-21 18:07:34

Was this an nhs scan? It's far too early for a scan to be conclusive.

Moominmiss Thu 01-Apr-21 17:46:40

I’m not sure I’d be worried yet. It’s still super early.

Plus I’m sure I’ve read that you can’t see anything on a scan until hcg levels are above 1000, and assuming yours continued to double since your last bloods on Friday, then by today they’d have only just been over that 1000.

The lining being thick is a good sign.

How certain are you of your dates? Just being a few days out at this stage could be the difference between seeing something and not. Are they going to scan you again?

twinmummy8 Thu 01-Apr-21 12:47:53

I had my bloods done last Tuesday my beta hcg levels were 61 . I had a scan done last Friday nothing seen . So I had more bloods done beta hcg levels were 134 . Had another scan today (Thursday ) still no sac seen , all was said is my uterine line is a lot thicker this time , awaiting blood results , is this normal to not see a sac at 5 weeks or should I be worried ?

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