Age 39 & given 1.07% Down syndrome result

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SarsonsWine Thu 15-Apr-21 22:17:39

So if you had 93 babies one might have DS. That's still a low risk in my book.

Mummy2O Thu 15-Apr-21 22:13:29

Congratulations!! Glad to hear your test came back OK. x

Sunshine1982flowers211111 Thu 15-Apr-21 21:58:11

Thank you all So So much for your support on here xx it’s been so helpful. I had an NIPT in the end and it came back as low risk and I’m having a little girl! I already have a daughter and she is excited to have a little sister 🌸💗

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Sunshine1982flowers211111 Wed 31-Mar-21 20:04:40

@BalloonSlayer your message has made me smile! Yep I said that to my partner - I was like would you bet on a horse if it had a 1.07% chance of winning!? We have decided to have no further tests but checks at 20 weeks. We will have baby regardless as we love it to bits already but I know it’s a really difficult issue and everyone has their own situation and choices. Thank you ladies for your comments it helps knowing others stories too xx

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BalloonSlayer Wed 31-Mar-21 19:59:35

I think it's age-related. I had 1 in 88 when I was expecting my 3rd DC age 42. A midwife said I couldn't have got a better result.

Like you I was anxious, then I reminded myself that I wouldn't put my last tenner on a horse at 88:1 , or put another way I would have to have 88 kids to make sure of having one with Downs syndrome.


Sunshine1982flowers211111 Wed 31-Mar-21 19:54:44

Thank you xx am finding this pregnancy I’m just so anxious and I wasn’t like that with my daughter when I was 30. Just praying everything is ok. I think the NHS screening automatically makes it a higher risk due to being late 30s.

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Megan2018 Wed 31-Mar-21 19:48:08

Meant to say I was 40 at conception, 41 at birth.


Megan2018 Wed 31-Mar-21 19:47:31

I had normal NT but had also had NIPT previously which was 1/10000 so didn’t have the combined test as consultant said it would automatically be higher risk due to age.

Mummy2O Wed 31-Mar-21 19:43:26


I am 38 and my son had an NT of 3.3 at the 12 week scan (the limit for normal is 3.5). I had a 1 in 22 risk of Downs, plus a 1 in 9 risk of Edwards' and Patau's syndromes. My age and bloods increased the risk.
I opted for an amniocentesis in the end and found out that all was fine.

Sunshine1982flowers211111 Wed 31-Mar-21 11:14:35


Firstly I am going to have my baby whatever as I love them to bits already.

I just wondered if anyone was around my age 39 and had a normal NT - mine was 1.7mm but then after the bloods had the midwife call them as the Down syndrome result came back higher category. It’s still like a 1 in 93 chance but it seemed like it must be either the bloods or mostly to do with my older age that made the chance higher.

Thank you so much.

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