4.2mm NT at 12+5. Any positive stories?

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legohaus Tue 30-Mar-21 09:19:47

I had my 12 week scan yesterday. Baby measured 12+5 but with a NT measurement of between 3.5mm and 4.2mm. I was referred to fetal medicine and had bloods taken for NIPT in the afternoon. Now waiting 8-10 days for those results - with a Bank Holiday in the middle!

Any positive stories with a NT reading around here? I am desperate. We had a miscarriage at 13 weeks last year and thought it couldn't be worse, but this feels like it just might be.

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Happy2be Tue 30-Mar-21 11:42:21

Hello, I haven't had my baby yet but NT was 4mm at 13 week scan. We went for 2 scans with the consultant at 16 and 20 weeks to check the baby's overall development and check the brain and the heart. All of which came back satisfactory. At the 16 week we were told the NT had resolved. I also had the harmony which showed low risk. I am green pathway and have had no further 'interventions'. It's difficult trying to keep your mind from straying and worrying. I hope your results come through quickly. We had to get ours done twice due to the Xmas postal madness.

summerhillgang Tue 30-Mar-21 16:14:26

@legohaus no real advice on this but am waiting for my NIPT results too - so wanted to offer some solidarity x

legohaus Tue 30-Mar-21 21:45:13

@summerhillgang - are you finding it as brutal as me? I am really unravelling. Have spent the last 24 hours obsessively googling and crying.

Have you had a query on something seen at a scan? Sending you good vibes xx

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legohaus Tue 30-Mar-21 21:46:09

@Happy2be Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like you're heading for a really happy ending. It really helps to hear positives stories, so thank you xx

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summerhillgang Tue 30-Mar-21 21:53:48

@legohaus yes the days after the phone call was just crying like I have never experienced and lots of obsessive googling and soul searching to understand everything. I am feeling a bit better about it all now, reached some kind of acceptance and decided we'll continue whatever the result of the NIPT. I just want my baby to be ok.

My Papp-a was 0.64 MOM, normal but on the lower side of normal, and my HCG was 1.74 which is normal but on the higher side of that, my NT was 1.7mm and have been given a 1:150 risk. I'll be 39 when I give birth so the mid wife said it's most likely that that is making me high risk.

I find out my results Friday. Hear for a virtual hand hold if you need it xx

Tig2010 Thu 01-Apr-21 22:51:12

Hey @legohaus - I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. I posted on another thread about our experience the other day, so you may have seen that already, but we were in exactly the same position as you in October. NT of 4.2 mm at 11.5 weeks and around the same the following week. We’d already had an NIPT test which had come back low risk, so were lucky to have that comfort. We also decided to have a CVS. Appreciate that’s a very personal decision but let me know if you want to know more about that. It’s a really grim time and you can’t help spiralling. Look after yourself. I have everything crossed for you xxx

lovelilies Thu 01-Apr-21 22:56:58

I had a NT of about 4mm with my DS back in 2014, along with bloods it gave me a 1:150 chance of Down's. I was 33 at the time. I went on to have a CVS which came back fine and he's right here next to me in bed at 7 years old.

Tig2010 Thu 01-Apr-21 23:00:11

@legohaus sorry, I should also say that things have looked ok so far - almost at 35 weeks and 20 week scan, hearts scans and growth scans have been fine. Our CVS results were also clear. I hope that’s comforting to hear xxx

legohaus Fri 02-Apr-21 13:02:42

Thanks for sharing your experiences @Tig2010 and @lovelilies. To be honest, I'm finding the waiting excruciating and keep finding myself down all kinds of rabbit holes thinking about all the possible outcomes.

Did you both find that the NIPT results were enough to reassure you, or did you feel the need to have a CVS/Amnio to rule out the other chromosomal possibilities?

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Sunshine1982flowers211111 Fri 02-Apr-21 20:42:54

@summerhillgang hey my results were so similar to yours - I’ll be 39 at birth, 1.7mm NT, 0.64 MOM for PAPP-A and higher than normal hcg. We’ve decided not have any further tests at this stage as it’s still a very low risk at 1% and the edwards and Patau came back like 1 in 65,000. It’s so difficult to know what to do. I really hope your next results are much better for you. It’s been so confusing because at the scan everything was measuring just right and the sonographer didn’t seemed concerned at all. My partner and I have been inclined to think this is due to my age.

Jessie5 Sat 03-Apr-21 21:40:09

Hi, my son had an NT of 4.1mm at his 12 week scan, we had the harmony test which came back low risk, then a heart scan at 16 weeks which was all clear. There were no further issues and he is 2 years old now. We had our wait for results around the Easter bank holidays too and it was a nerve wracking time, I hope all goes well for you. I would recommend the charity ARC though I found them helpful to speak to at the time, Take care xx

Tig2010 Sun 04-Apr-21 00:54:38

@legohaus it’s a terrible wait - all I can say is try not to google too much (but don’t beat yourself up if you do) and remember that even with a 4.1mm NT, the odds are still in your favour.

We were advised to go for a CVS by our consultant and decided to have one a few days after getting our NT result. I found it reassuring in the end but it’s another difficult wait. Let me know if you want to know anything about my experience to it.

Sending love - please keep us updated if you’re happy to xxx

legohaus Mon 05-Apr-21 07:52:25

@Tig2010 did you find having the CVS as well as the NIPT gave you additional reassurance? The screening midwife at our scan sort of implied that a good NIPT result would be good enough to suggest no chromosomal abnormalities but I've since read about a whole load of other issues it could be as well as T21/13/18.

We had a miscarriage at 13 weeks last year (unexplained and before we'd had a NT scan) so I am keen to avoid invasive testing, but I'm also concerned it could be something not picked up by NIPT/additional scans. Google is a minefield!

@Jessie5 Thanks for sharing - positive stories are keeping me going right now x

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Tig2010 Mon 05-Apr-21 12:01:03

@legohaus yes, we did find it reassuring, partly because you get tested for more chromosomal issues and partly because it’s a diagnostic test whereas the NIPT is a screening test (albeit apparently pretty accurate). In terms of the risk, I was told that there’s a 1.5% risk of miscarriage for a CVS and 1% for an amniocentesis, but that in reality those figures are much lower and also depend on who is doing the procedure. I asked the midwife before I had the CVS to let me know how much experience our consultant had and she was able to give me some reassuring information. My mum had also had an amniocentesis when she had me back in the 80s, which I found quite reassuring. Obviously it’s a very personal decision and whatever you decide will be right for you.

Let me know if you have any more questions xxx

summerhillgang Wed 07-Apr-21 19:06:32

@Sunshine1982flowers211111 oh wow we are Papp-a twins 👯‍♀️ I had my NIPT back, 1:100,000 chance of all three trisomies.
I think you've got nothing to worry about. All the measurements are totally normal and it's really just our age working against us which tbh made me feel like crap.
The age data is over 20 years old and comes from a time when less late 30 and 40s were getting pregnant/ having babies, the occurrence of trisomies is vastly exaggerated vs the reality xx

Amy199001 Wed 21-Apr-21 15:11:03

Hi guys

Similar to original poster, we had our 12wk scan on 30th March and the sonographer found 9.6mm of fluid round the head and neck. We were immediately sent to fetal medicine to speak with the consultant who carried out another scan and the CVS test which we opted for.

Results for the 3 main trisomies came back 2 days later - all normal!
Results for the full set of CVS results came back last week - again all normal!

Has anyone had an NT as high as this with an explanation? We are seeing the consultant tomorrow morning for our 16 week appointment so I'll post again with an update if anyone finds it useful or helpful

katie987 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:59:51

@Amy199001 Hi Amy!! Please keep me updated on your appointment!! I have had a high nuchal of 6.4 at 12 weeks and now waiting for my results from CVS!! I thought it was pretty much a dead cert that something bad would come back in the results but you’ve filled me with some hope!! Hope someone gets back to you with their positive experience from later down the line!! Fingers crossed for you xx

Amy199001 Wed 21-Apr-21 18:07:50


*@Amy199001* Hi Amy!! Please keep me updated on your appointment!! I have had a high nuchal of 6.4 at 12 weeks and now waiting for my results from CVS!! I thought it was pretty much a dead cert that something bad would come back in the results but you’ve filled me with some hope!! Hope someone gets back to you with their positive experience from later down the line!! Fingers crossed for you xx

Honestly I 100% know how you're feeling, it's the WORST days and weeks of your life waiting for those results so I'm praying you get some good news. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow xx

katie987 Wed 21-Apr-21 19:31:51

Yes please do!! Good luck girl!! Xx @Amy199001

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