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Sixtyorforty Mon 29-Mar-21 16:04:27

@Northernsoul90 i know! My
NIPT came back as 1 in 39 million

Northernsoul90 Mon 29-Mar-21 10:02:09

@Sixtyorforty Thank you for replying, I'm really glad all turned out well for you 😊. The combined screening seems to cause a lot of anxiety for people, I wonder why NIPT isn't used as standard as that seems to give more definitive results... I could be wrong there but there seems to always be a lot of anxiety and upset caused by the combined x

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Sixtyorforty Mon 29-Mar-21 01:42:46

Mine was 3.2 and all was fine. It gave us a 1:166 risk of downs so I was really worried as it isn’t high risk but also close to the boundary. We had the NIPT done. Baby is 10 days old and healthy x

hols86 Sun 28-Mar-21 17:29:11

Very welcome, I honestly think u have nothing to worry about there. I am to an over thinker ( I think all mummy's are) and oh god, Google is the worst it can make u go crazy, as theirs so many different stories! Xx

Northernsoul90 Sat 27-Mar-21 09:28:48

@hols86 Thank you so much for your reply, that's really reassuring! It gets confusing when you look online and you end up diagnosing yourself with all sorts! It's such a nerve wracking time and I'm an anxious person anyway. That's brilliant about your little one I bet you're so excited 🤩. Thanks again for replying!! X

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hols86 Sat 27-Mar-21 08:59:23

They would only mention the nasal bone, if there wasn't one and they was concerned, My babies nasal bone wasn't mentioned because everything was fine 🥰 I'm now 35 weeks pregnant all scans have been fine. And I also had the harmony test ( to reassure my self) and everything low risk 1/10,000. Xx

hols86 Sat 27-Mar-21 08:55:53

Hiya, the cut off of what's considered the normal range is 3.5mm so your well within! Plus if u are 13 weeks 2.5mm is perfect! They do most dating scans at 12 weeks so at 12 weeks yours would have been even less. I had my dating scan at 13 weeks and was 2.2mm and she said it was perfect 👌 so that measurement is nothing to worry about! Honestly if they thought anything didn't look right they would have flagged it ( that's there job) try to relax at that measurement u have nothing to worry about. X


Northernsoul90 Sat 27-Mar-21 08:48:51

Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone can help in regards to what is considered the 'normal range' for NT measurements at dating scan.

I had my NHS dating scan a couple of days ago, baby was measuring at 13 weeks and NT measurement was 2.5mm. The sonographer didn't mention the NT and just said everything looked fine when I asked her, it was when I got home and looked at the notes I saw what the NT was.

After trying to research I've found differing opinions online - some sources say 2.5 is the cut off whilst others say 3.5 (mostly NHS sources say 3.5 which is reassuring). It's just confusing as I'm an anxious first time mum after having a miscarriage last year. I'm waiting on blood test results atm.

I'm presuming if the sonographer was initially concerned she would have recommend further testing there and then? She also didn't mention a nasal bone but again I'm guessing she must have seen it maybe or wasn't concerned about it... I wish I had researched more beforehand so I could have asked more questions!

Sorry for the ramble I've just panicked myself a little by consulting google too much I think. Any answers would be much appreciated smile

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