Short femur and larger head/ stomach measurements

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Becky332021 Thu 25-Mar-21 10:39:51

Hi there.. I’ve been reading non stop for days since seeing a doctor regarding my latest 30 week growth ultrasound.
Baby’s femurs are measuring 8th percentile however his head and tummy are at 96th percentile.
Dad is 192cm and I’m quite short at 162cms however on the repeat u/s today performed by a fetal medicine doctor has advised the possibility of dwarfism. All long bones today are measuring at around 28 weeks (I’m now 32 weeks) snd baby’s head and tummy is measuring at 35 weeks.. still sane percentiles and trend has been increasing on the same lines as previous u/s.

No additional amniotic fluid, only isolated short bones with the large head/ tummy.

I have had preeclampsia with my other three children and have been diagnosed with chronic hypertension this pregnancy since 8 weeks. (Reaching 192/120) and taking 12 blood pressure tablets today.

Had anyone else bern getting these measurements and what has the outcome of Bub been?

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Mrsof2018 Thu 25-Mar-21 12:34:03

I had large head and abdominal measurements (femur length wasn't short) and baby was fine. Still has a big head and tummy though!

ivfbeenbusy Sun 28-Mar-21 02:15:20

One of my twins had femurs much less than 2.5 centile and head and stomach sometimes well over the 50th centile and she is fine.

There are a couple of ratios they look at - can't remember which but if you google soft marker for downs or dwarfism and femur / BPD / abdominal measurements it should come up. I had already had the NIPT done which was low risk otherwise the consultant said they would have been more concerned.

She was just (and still is!) very tiny - a good 4-6 weeks size wise behind her twin brother and her head at birth was disproportionately large but she is starting to even out now!

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