NIPT/Harmony inconclusive???

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Moominmiss Thu 18-Mar-21 16:45:25

I’m so beyond panicked it’s unreal.

I had a harmony test done with Ultrasound Direct last week at 12+2 because I’m 38 so an older mum.

I was worried about the fact my bmi is 32 and I know a high bmi can affect them being able to get the 4% fetal dna they need.

Now I’ve just had a call asking me to go back in tomorrow for a redraw as they didn’t have enough dna to do all the testing.

Some things I’ve found online suggest an inconclusive result can indicate a higher chance of there being a chromosome issue.

The redraw tomorrow is free, but I’m now seriously debating paying extra and travelling to London to have the SAFE test drone at the birth company which is recommended for women with a higher bmi.

Has anyone else had an initial inconclusive result followed by a low risk result?

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hols86 Thu 18-Mar-21 20:48:58

Hiya, I would honestly say don't worry. There has been so many ladies on Mumsnet that have had to go back for a withdrawal and their results have come back totally fine! It happens a lot, I honestly think u have nothing to worry about. Google isn't your friend I'm afraid. Many people only post negative stories rather than positive. Let us know how u get on. Good luck x

Moominmiss Thu 18-Mar-21 21:39:24

Thank you, I know you’re right and that it’s always easier to find the negative stories than the positives in any situation.

It’s just so hard, as if I wasn’t already a bag of nerves, now I just feel a total wreck!

I have totally caved after a huge meltdown earlier and booked in for a SAFE test too.

I will still go for the redraw too though. I know most will think I’ve wasted my money and it’s overkill to book another when I have a free redraw happening. But for me this is what’s keeping me sane for now.

I’m annoyed at myself because I had originally planned to book the SAFE test from the start, but decided to go cheaper, and to a local clinic. Wish I’d just gone for the SAFE from the start.

But hey ho. What’s done is done.

I will definitely update either way, hopefully towards the end of next week.


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duchessrose Fri 19-Mar-21 15:11:36

I had to have a redraw and it turned out that my baby had trisomy 18. Have you had your 12 week scan and bloods yet? By the time I got my Harmony results (after the redraw), I'd had my scan, and my bloods were already pointing towards an abnormality.

You should get your results back from the Harmony soon. I think I got mine back within a week, although they say it might take longer.

Moominmiss Fri 19-Mar-21 16:03:58

So I haven’t had a redraw done for the harmony test. We went to London today and had a very detailed scan done at the birth company along with the SAFE nipt.

I haven’t had my nhs 12 week scan yet as that’s not until Monday at 14 weeks.

So the scan today was really good. Nt measurement of 2.1, no soft markers for anything, heart chambers all great, brain good, kidneys good etc. Limbs all as they should be and a good clear nasal bone.

Based on my age alone the background risks were 1:159 for t21, 1:1883 for t18 and 1:1976 for t13.

Then the adjusted risk based on the scan findings, markers, nt, combined with my age put my risks at 1:512 for t21, 1:6012 for t18, and 1:4431 for t13.

So now we just wait for the results of the SAFE test.

There’s only a 1% of needing a redraw with this type of test so I’m more hopeful than I was with the harmony of actually getting a result.

Will update when I hear anything.

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Amanduh Fri 19-Mar-21 21:22:46

I’ve had the redraw twice! Baby absolutely fine, final test 1/over 100000 and baby is now 9 months and walking 🙈 sometimes it’s hard to believe he is the baby I was convinced wouldn’t be here! I was told it is usually bmi or handling issues, or simply a rubbish sample. I know how brain messing the wait can be, it’s bloody awful. Google is NOT your friend! Hope everything goes well for you. Xx

sarahsunrise Tue 13-Apr-21 23:41:24

I had the test twice! The first test was inconclusive because I took the first test too early I think. Second test 2 weeks later came back all low risk and my baby was also born healthy :-)

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