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21 weeks and worried i may be developing GD

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Duemarch2021 Thu 29-Oct-20 22:45:58

I had my 20 week scan last week and on my notes, it says baby's head is in 32nd centile but stomach is 91st centile! .. i asked what this could mean but nobody showed any concern and said it doesnt mean anything 🤔 This is my first.. I am overweight however haven't really put any weight on during the pregnancy as i lost a stone first of all because i lost my appetite... now I've just read that small head with big stomach probably means gestational diabetes... is there anyone on here that can shed some light on this for me.. don't be afraid to scare me either.. I'd like to know the truth about what it could mean as i feel the midwifes were trying not to scare me by saying anything negative x

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