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IUGR at 22 weeks. Need some hope

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Leegray80 Thu 29-Oct-20 11:17:51

Hi ladies. My baby girl is looking small for her age in the tummy and looks to be in the 5th % range due to uterine vessel not delivering enough nutrients. Has anyone else had IUGR this early and over done it. We are hoping baby girl will fight on until she is bigger even 30 weeks at this stage seems so far away. She's my little IVF baby waiting for her for 10 years so feel ing rather devastated at the battle ahead for her.

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Tig2010 Thu 29-Oct-20 12:22:54

I’ve no experience of this but bumping this up for you and I really hope someone can share their story. Wishing you all the best xx

ivfbeenbusy Thu 29-Oct-20 12:47:12

I'm 24 weeks with IVF twins. My little girl twin is measuring small, much smaller than her brother - she is below the 2.5% line for femur length for example. I'm being monitored by a specialist but I've been told not to worry too much at the moment as long as she's growing at her own pace. We've been warned about early delivery though too and I'd also like to get to 30 weeks. Part of me feels like I'd want her out early if she's not getting enough of what she needs from the placenta then she's better off out but I'm also petrified of having to leave her in NICU and not being able to see her
(I've lost 7 babies previously and just want to be able to bring my babies home this time)
It's a worrying time but my hospital has been very good and reassured me they'll be ensuring they'll make the best decision for her x

Leegray80 Thu 29-Oct-20 12:52:06

Oh hunny. Wish you the best of luck. I understand completely it's so so hard. I'm barely sleeping with worry , googling everything. Just wish I could be woken when everything is safe

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eurochick Thu 29-Oct-20 13:03:14

I had issues with blood flow spotted at the 20 week scan but at that point the baby was not iugr. I had a rescan at 28 weeks to see if the blood flow had improved and her size had fallen off a cliff, off the bottom of the charts. I was then monitored very closely and we limped along to 33 weeks when they said to deliver as soon as an incubator was free. My baby was born small (3lb6) but otherwise ok at 34+0. She spent some time in nicu while she learned to feed and put on some weight but had no major issues.

I hope you have a happy outcome. My baby was ivf too and it is a horribly stressful journey.

DoesThisMakeSence Thu 29-Oct-20 13:05:37

I had this with my dd from 20 week scan. It turned out i had single ambilical artery and lots of blood clots throughout the placenta.
She was monitored weekly and induced at 36 weeks. After a failed induction i had a c section.
Dd was transferred to scbu after birth.
It was a scary time but she has jurned 11 in june and its a cheeky, healthy girl( granted she is still a slight girl)
I am wishing you and your dd the best of luck. flowers

Flump9 Thu 29-Oct-20 13:18:15

I can't say my experiences are exactly the same but I've had 2 babies with iugr. My first wasn't properly picked up until around 28 weeks when my bp started playing up and I had more checks, but then when they looked back at the measurements of the 20 week scan she was right off the bottom of the chart I think they just thought the chart wasn't accurate or something I don't really know! I was in and out (mostly in) of hospital from 28 to 32 weeks when i developed pre eclampsia and had her by c section. I had had the steroid injection and she was small but fine just needed help with feeding and controlling temperature. My son I can't remember when he started measuring small but he did though they couldn't see a reason on the scan it did turn out he had a cord problem which could have been dangerous, I got to 37 weeks with him and he was also fine but needed bit of time to regulate his temp. How often will they be scanning you? Don't lose hope.

Leegray80 Thu 29-Oct-20 21:04:54

Thanks you ladies. That has helped me calm the nerves. I am being monitored every 2 weeks until 24 weeks then possibly once a week or twice and any concerns it's hospitals stay. They seem really onto it and not wanting to risk anything. Just need to limp along to 30 weeks and will feel a lot better. Thank you so so much

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