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No Nasal Bone

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Simz01 Tue 06-Oct-20 09:58:44

Hi All,

I had posted a few weeks ago and other threads regarding my 12 week scan. I am pregnant with fraternal twins, and one twin had higher NT (2.9mm) and no visible nasal bone. The results came back clear, and doctor said he would expect to see nasal bone appear in second trimester.

I am currently 18 weeks and it is still not there sad . I can't find much regarding absent nasal bone in second trimester, except that the % where everything is ok is tiny.

Has anyone had anything similar, and what was the outcome please? or any advice? I feel so stressed out and anxious, but have no idea what to do

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movingonup20 Tue 06-Oct-20 10:09:57

It's a marker for downs which I'm sure you are aware but not a certainty - dp has a squishy nose lacking bone and nothing wrong with him! Look at the sn boards for better information on downs - there's also lots of positive articles on the internet too. Have you had conclusive testing?

ODFOx Tue 06-Oct-20 10:16:04

I started to reply to this with lots of questions because there are so many factors which would impact the seriousness ( or not) at this stage.
But actually, given that you are so worried, I'm saying nothing except that race, age, the fact it's twins, a huge range of environmental and genetic factors will all impact on this and you should go and talk to your GP. Be frank and ask for a referral if that is what you want. Push for additional investigations if you believe you need them, and for a full explanation as to why they don't think it is necessary ( if it isn't).
It isn't time to worry yet. Really, step away from google as it can only worry you and you have two babies to keep calm for. Get advice from medics with your case notes.

Simz01 Tue 06-Oct-20 15:12:58

Thanks both,

@movingonup20 at our scan it seemed like there was a high chance on Downs with both the markers, especially the nasal bone. We did the CVS and that was clear. Based on that doctor mentioned that we should start seeing nasal bone in second trimester.

Given it is not there, I am worried about what else it could be based on the above. They are doing a heart scan in a couple weeks, but as i understand it all of this relates more to the higher NT than absent nasal bone

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