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Possible microcephaly

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Mrstakeiteasy Fri 25-Sep-20 16:04:48

Babys hc has been measuring small since 20w scan, started at 5%tile then at 24w dropped below 1st and at 26/27 is closer to 3rd or 5th again. On my notes I saw 'baby has microcephaly' and was told that's because that's what the measurements indicate and it's to do with risk and the reason why I'm now having tests and scans. His ac is also measuring about 5th and his legs are somewhere about the 30th so he's in proportion. I'm so confused, have been told it could be something it could be nothing we will just need to wait and see. I've mentioned that I can't be as pregnant as they think I am as there's only one possible conception date which is a week after their calculations indicate but it's been dismissed every time with no explanation. I get they're not going to change the dates and now we're in this process there's no going back but if a dr or midwife said that it's a possible explanation I think I might feel more hopeful in believing it could be nothing as they say. Waiting on full amnio results but no major genetic conditions found and no viruses. I've been told to take reassurance in that and also that they've found no other abnormalities and he is continuing to grow. I just wish I could fast forward time and he could be here already so I could know if he's ok. Has anyone else been in this situation?

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Biscusting Fri 25-Sep-20 16:17:18

I had a small baby. Measurements were all over the place. It really is hard to give concrete answers, so I see why the drs are say it could be something or nothing.
I ended up being induced as growth tapered off at 30weeks.
She’s 7 years old now, perfectly healthy. She’s smaller than her friends mind you!

It’s a horrible time wondering and waiting, I can relate, but you have drs watching and he’s in good hands.

Mrstakeiteasy Fri 25-Sep-20 17:05:07

Thanks @Biscusting! It is the not knowing! It's reassuring that the dr's are being so thorough and I know everything that's happening is to keep my baby safe. The midwife was really helpful too, saying she knows the constant monitoring can make people worry more, especially if it ends up being fine! So glad you're little girl is doing so well! I think I need to keep reminding myself what microcephaly actually means, small headed ness, and it doesn't necessarily mean he is going to suffer developmentally. Really wish I hadn't googled.

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