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Awaiting CVS results 1 in 8 chance DS

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Mya2021 Fri 25-Sep-20 10:15:13

Hi All,

Had a combined test done at my 12 week pregnancy scan they found my NT was 2.6mm and my bloods done showed 1 in 8 chances of DS. Had my CVS test done yesterday and awaiting results next week Tuesday.

Wondered if anyone is awaiting results for CVS tests? Or if anyone has had it done and had results back what was the outcome?

I'm trying to weigh up how likely it will come up negative!! confused

Thanks ahead for any comments and advice or answers.

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Zigzag19 Sat 26-Sep-20 19:49:13

Hi there,
Sorry you're having to go through this, I know how worrying a time it is. I was in the same position a couple of weeks ago, we were given 1 in 10 chance for downs so opted for the cvs (2.9nt and slightly high hcg but not crazy, so we were a but confused where our high risk came from). Thankfully results came back clear for all 3 trisomys. The whole experience left me with quite a bit of anxiety but im slowly starting to feel positive again!
Crossing my fingers you get good news too, remember your odds are still very good despite how they make it sound with 1 in 8. And nt of 2.6 isnt bad at all, the cut off for referral is 3.5mm. Hope you can take it easy the next few days and try and stay positive x

Simz01 Sun 27-Sep-20 14:35:16

I am pregnant with fraternal twins and at my scan around 11 weeks one twin NT was measuring 2.9mm and no nasal bone visible. Our doctor said there was a risk of chromosome abnormalities. Harmony test came back inconclusive. We had the CVS test done and it was clear. I since found that it isn’t that high, and 2.6mm really isn’t. I was in such a state of the outcome and because we had to consider other twin too. Do try and stay positive , but I realise how horrible the wait it and how much anxiety these things bring from scan xx

Mya2021 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:20:13

@Zigzag19 @Simz01

Thank you both for your responses it really helps to read other peoples experiences.

It's been a stressful Thursday - Sunday just worrying but I did try my best to stop thinking & just let things be. One more day to go now and Tuesday I find out. Fingers crossed all is well. Then have to wait 2 weeks for the other results to come back I think that one is chromosome abnormality tests the part 2 of CVS.

smileI will keep this post updated

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Simz01 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:39:14

@Mya2021 it’s great if you can do anything to try and keep mind off a bit , although I know it’s hard ! I just got my second part of CVS the other day and it was fine. My doctor did say after CVS and with that NT measurement it was unlikely to show anything (and he is very realistic and upfront !). They are doing a fetal echo / heart scan on my twin next just to check that too. Everything crossed for you. xx

Mya2021 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:48:31


Omg so happy for you congratulations very exciting news you really must be at peace now with everything. Congratulations also on twins. I'm sure all will be fine for you now so you can finally start really enjoying the pregnancy. smile

Tbh all the results I'm reading on here about CVS come back negative and everyone seems to be getting good results. The second part of the CVS what does that test for just chromosome abnormalities?

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Simz01 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:58:08

Thank you smile I am trying to relax now but the anxiety is always there, I think when we get something in one scan / result it kicks off anxiety throughout, but am trying.

It was explained to me was the first part of the CVS is for the three trisomies: 21, 13 and 18 (down’s, Edwards and pateau). If you are having the next part done like myself - the micoarray, I believe it checks for other genetic conditions by checking for chromosome deletions , duplications (don’t understand the detail I have to admit !). I did have to ask for the second part as I was told if the first set were clear it was unlikely anything would come up on these so that’s a good sign. I opted to pay and do xx

Mya2021 Sun 27-Sep-20 16:06:27


Yes as the biggest part is now over so yes try and enjoy it all now, as you deserve to!!
Have you told anyone yet as in friends / family ? I haven't told anyone only me and my husband know and yesterday my mum guessed I was pregnant and I couldn't lie to her. But luckily she didn't quiz you much due to my first MC.

Yes the second part as you explained is how I understood it as well. Reassuring to know if the results are clear for me on Tuesday the second part high chances will be too. Thanks for that reassurance.

How comes you had to pay for your second part? Mine was all free on the NHS I didn't have to pay anything confused

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Simz01 Sun 27-Sep-20 16:51:55

Thank you, and I really hope the same for you very soon too x

We had told my parents and were going to tell just a few others after the scan at nearly 12 weeks. But that scan threw a curveball with the results and ended up being a horrible few days. I naively went in thinking I will come back with a nice picture! After that and as we went through the tests I didn’t tell anyone else and still waiting to do the heart scan before we tell others.

I don’t like giving false hope, but hope there is some reassurance for you here with your results.

Hm basically my scan findings were high risk for downs or the other trisomy conditions so I was referred for for CVS for that on NHS. For the others micro array apparently the results from the scan were not high risk enough and they said I’d have to do privately, so pay basically x

Mya2021 Sun 27-Sep-20 17:01:32


Ok I understand now I'll google the microarray one maybe will help if I want to go for it also is it expensive?

Thanks for your kind words I'm in a positive mindset after speaking to people on here and yourself.

I haven't told anyone yet and like yourself I was going to tell my family after the 12 week scan and hold out for the 20 weeks till we told friends as my first pregnancy in Feb was a silent miscarriage so I didn't want to tell anyone before confirmation 100% that all is well.

Let's keep in touch it helps to talk. smile

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Simz01 Sun 27-Sep-20 17:07:34

So sorry to hear that regarding tour first pregnancy. Hopefully all will be ok here x

We are also waiting for heart scan and 20 weeks like yourself before telling others.

I think if they are doing the second part for you then that is the same (maybe different terms for the test but think it’s all the same) and looks like they are doing for you on NHS so should be the same. Sometimes different areas and criteria are different , so wouldn’t worry.

Do keep us posted and of course would be nice to keep in touch - really helps to have someone going through similar x

Mya2021 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:06:52



I just wanted did you experience any bleeding after your CVS? I'm on my 4th say so had CVS done Thursday last week at 2.30pm and today this evening experience slight bleeding. Called midwife she seems to think possibly it's my body in shock of what's just happened!

Just wondered if you had experienced anything of this sort I'm really worried now have to see how I go tonight - and if it turns into blood clots and heavier bleeding. Currently it was just the once and quiet light.

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picosandsancerre Mon 28-Sep-20 18:11:08

I had a heavy bleed after CVs and all was fine. I hope you get good news tomorrow. I have had CVS three times first one 1:26 risk of DS and he was fine, 2nd time was 1:2 and it was very obvious the baby had something wrong as there was issues in the scan too so I knew 3rd 1:4 and he is fine .

Mya2021 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:17:26



Thanks for your response.

Yes I have had a bleed now which didn't seem like a lot and was bright red (sorry for TMI) Second time a small amount of blood only. Both times it was bright red, yesterday evening I was getting really bad back pain that wouldn't go away but it didn't come with any bleeding. Today I've been up about no issues just after 5.30pm seems like the blood decided to make an appearance!

Sorry if this is being to nosey so you have 3 children? Or 2? Did you do the CVS all 3 times for all 3? And did you bleed all times after?

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picosandsancerre Mon 28-Sep-20 18:45:32

Yes I had the CVS with all three and bled with the second one. A lot of blood too

Simz01 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:45:59

@Mya2021 how are you doing today? Has the bleeding calmed down? I didn’t have bleeding but I did have very bad pain for a while after x

Mya2021 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:53:14

@picosandsancerre thank you for sharing really helps to get advice from ladies who had same procedure done. smile

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Mya2021 Mon 28-Sep-20 19:00:10


Hiya how are you?

I was actually out today grinafter 3 days at home decided to drive into town do a spot of winter shopping. It's not till 5.30 when I had the first bleed that it completely shocked me. I mean it was light not heavy so I don't think I should worry much. Second time was tiny amount. 3rd time just now no bleeding. I'm going to eat dinner & see how I feel as my back is killing me.

Just a day to go now till my results bludy waiting nightmare!!! hmm

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Simz01 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:29:51

@Mya2021 I am ok thanks. Work is keeping me very busy , which is good in a way

I am glad you got out ! It really helps to clear the head a bit. We did the same - it was our anniversary and my husband took us to a gallery to buy a painting for the house given didn’t really feel like going out for dinner / celebrating etc. But it really helped.

Looks like the bleeding is going down so that is good news ! Wishing you all the best for your results - atleast is it soon now x

Mya2021 Tue 29-Sep-20 14:39:14


Thanks for your kind words yday really helped me get through the evening. I actually just ended up eating dinner and falling asleep as I was in to much pain. This morning from 5am I have been in so much pain just where they did the CVS.

Went to get a scan done today and they stated that baby is fine and heart beat is present. They couldn't explain where the bleeding came from or pain. I mean they didn't really read my previous notes as they saw the chorionic bump inside and assumed it was a blood clot. Till I mentioned that they had seen previously at 12 week scan a chorionic bump. Then he ruled out a a clot or Hemetoma.

So take away from today's scan was baby is fine and no explanation where my bleeding or pain is coming from.

I wanted to ask if you experienced any pain in your back or where they did the CVS when you had yours done?

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Simz01 Tue 29-Sep-20 16:01:21


Glad to hear that anything I said has helped calm you even a little. It is a tough, anxious time you are going through.

I am so pleased that scan showed the baby is fine, but sorry you are going through this added anxiety of bleeding. Hopefully the bleeding is calming down though? and good news if all ok on scan too x

I did have a lot of pain on all of my mid area. After my CVS I couldn't even get up from the bed / table and they had to bring it down / help me. I was in a lot of pain after and went to bed too (I had purposely done it on a Fri due to work and so glad I did). It took a good few days to go completely

Do you get your results soon?

Hope you are doing ok, feel free to reach out x

Mya2021 Tue 29-Sep-20 16:24:33


Hiya sorry to keep bothering you with my million questions feel so bad like it's becoming one way. I'm also here if you wanna ask anything or share anything. Feel like in times like this it helps to talk.

No there was no bleeding only the twice yesterday. Just from 5am this morning lots of pain in my whole area where they did the CVS and referral pain all across. It doesn't make sense to me though because I had no pain for 3 days and no discomfort. Then 4th day evening the bleed followed by 5th day pain only. I feel like my pain was delayed and not instant couple of days. So I reckon mine is present now 4 days later. So maybe my body took a while to realise what had happened where as maybe some get it all in first couple days.

It is great news baby is fine though - my CVS news comes later today prob I reckon round 5pm onwards maybe even 6 as they said they get results end of the day. Hoping not to be disappointed.

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Simz01 Tue 29-Sep-20 18:43:32

@Mya2021 it definitely helps to talk and I’m always here. I am still waiting a few weeks for the heart scan so I am sure anxiety will creep up closer to the time.

I think maybe your body reacted later as you say. I had really bad pains about four days later later , I couldn’t get out of bed or turn. Midwife said it was round ligament pains and seems it was a coincidence with the timing or maybe it was exaggerated by CVS. Our bodies are strange ! Try to relax and I am sure it will pass - try and rest x

Good luck on your results - am thinking of you x

Mya2021 Tue 29-Sep-20 20:24:34


Evening, hope your heart scan goes well fingers crossed when is it couple weeks time or 1 week left now?

Guess what they didn't even call me today with my results I sat waiting from 4pm till 7pm and then gave up. Gosh how terrible is that to tell someone they can expect a call Tuesday evening & then not bother to call or even notify.! angry

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Simz01 Wed 30-Sep-20 12:50:03

@Mya2021 how annoying ! I hope they call soon (if they haven’t already) x

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