NC 3.5mm on the dot

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Lloydy88 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:18:06

Hi all,
Just after a bit of advice.
We had our 12 week scan last week - I was 11wks+5days.
The NC measured 3.5mm which is just on the cusp of normal.
We have been sent to Cardiff to the clinic but haven't heard a thing yet from them as to when they want to see us.
First screening test results due tomorrow and if we aren't given option for NIPT, we are going private this week for that.
Its crazy really, my sis in law had exactly the same with a 3.7mm but all is ok with them now.
Is it something they are really focsued on at the moment? Seems a lot more people are getting called about it.
Also, after some positive stories if possible, need to feel comforted
Many thanks smile

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Bluebell9 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:23:06

Good luck.

Mine was slightly different as they couldn't get a measurement from the scan but with bloods alone the odds of the baby having DS were 1 in 17.
I had the NIPT and the odds came back at 1 in 50,000 and I'm now sat here with my beautiful healthy 10 month old.

marriageoftrueminds Sun 23-Aug-20 19:29:20

I hope things turn out well for you, I'm sure lots of people will have good news stories as this is just a risk analysis- even if your risk were 1 in 2 that still gives an equal chance that all is fine.

I'm not 100 per cent sure what your question is regarding the NHS being bery focused on nuchal screening at the moment- it is offered to everyone and you would always be flagged up as at a potentially higher risk with a measurement over 3.5. If it had been in the normal range (and no other risk factors) then you would not be referred. That hasn't changed so I don't think the fact that you and your SIL both got referred is anything other than a coincidence (or possibly a trait that runs in the family, i don't know).

Good luck and congratulations!

Lloydy88 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:38:09

@marriageoftrueminds sorry I didn't really put that very well. No family history or traits in our family smile - and 1st little toddler healthy and happy - I just meant there seemed to be so many more people I know lately, SIL being one, who have come out with a measurement 3.5mm or more - probably a coincidence but just found it strange.

I just wanted some others who have gone through the same with their first scan to chat and to see what happened with them and outcomes etc... Just can't settle and going out of my mind so was hoping this site may help with putting my mind at ease! smile

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marriageoftrueminds Sun 23-Aug-20 19:41:40

I'm sure it'll all be fine but it must be nervewracking. I am pregnant with my second, and just moved from England to Scotland. Had my scan last week and was shocked to find they only screen for Downs up here, not Edward's or Patau's. I know they are rare, but I am still worried now and considering having further testing privately. So i totally understand your worry - the fact that your, and my, risk is likely low doesn't make you feel any better does it 😂 hope you get some clearer answers soon!

Robs20 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:46:35

One of my twins had an NT of 3.8mm which gave a 1:31 chance of downs. Consultant kept reminding me that NT was only just above the limit for normal. Nipt came back low risk as did 3 fetal cardiac scans. Lots of other complications throughout pregnancy including polyhydramnios (which can also indicate a genetic problem).
Both twins were born totally healthy and are currently asleep on me.

Lloydy88 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:48:20

@marriageoftrueminds - o really? I had only heard of Downs before last week. I'd never heard of Edwards or Patau but it is very scary when you read - I think I google and look into things far too much! - Waiting for results is the absolute worst.
I definitely feel a little more positive when I understood the scale. Wish I'd have been told that 3.5mm was still quite low in comparison as I was just told the absolute worse from the sonographer!
I hope all goes well with your pregnancy! 🥰 - A second is definitely harder than a first!! No time to rest now like before! 🤣🙈

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Lloydy88 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:52:09

@Robs20 thank you so much for replying! smile That is so reassuring to hear and so glad for you too! 🥰
My sonographer didn't tell me that 3.5mm was on the cusp - she scared me senseless with everything. I left thinking baba was doomed basically. I then read the 3.5mm and how it is only just over that I have begun to relax a little more - I cannot wait to have test results and for Cardiff to let me know when they want me. Really hope it'll be early this week! smile

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MinnieMousse Sun 23-Aug-20 19:53:43

A nuchal fold of 3.5 is not especially risky in itself - it is just on the border of the normal range. Your risk level will depend on your blood results in conjunction with the Nuchal measurement and your age. With DC2 I was high risk (1:75) with a nuchal measurement of 3.5mm but I also had high levels of HCG and was 35. All was fine. I just seem to produce lots of HCG in pregnancy (was also flagged up with DC1). I did have an amnio to be sure though.

Lloydy88 Sun 23-Aug-20 20:11:07

@MinnieMousse - thank you for replying! smile - A, I see now. I will have the results from my first screening tomorrow. From that, I can then decide on NIPT test. smile - I just can't go ahead with the invasive testing, it makes me feel so ill thinking about it. I'm petrified of needles (even after giving birth the first time) and I just don't want to take the risk - I am taking it that Cardiff will want to do a scan themselves in the near future (this week) to see their outcome too first. It's such a scary time isn't it! - You must've been the same! 🙈 - I'm 32 so I don't know whether they class that as old nowadays 🤣

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MinnieMousse Sun 23-Aug-20 20:15:39

Yes, it was a very worrying time. No non-invasive tests were available at the time so I agonised over whether to have the amnio. I think the risk is calculated using an algorithm based on your HCG and Papp-A levels along with age (I think a sliding scale) and Nuchal measurement so lots of different factors. Hope you find out soon.

Robs20 Sun 23-Aug-20 20:33:21

@Lloydy88 oh my sonographer was the same. She basically said the baby either had downs or a heart defect. When I asked if it could be neither she said, well yes but highly unlikely. The consultant was much, much better. She did a detailed anatomy scan to look for soft markers of downs before discussing our options.
Fingers crossed for you at your appointment.

marriageoftrueminds Sun 23-Aug-20 21:07:09

Oddly I just got a call from my midwife (yes, on a Sunday evening!!) to say I have low PAPP-A. I'll start my own thread but just wanted to say, I'm now in a similar-ish boat to you with the worry! Fingers crossed for us both!

Fefefe Sun 23-Aug-20 22:08:10

At my 12 week scan my baby had a measurement of I am 39 so had the bloods taken. A weeks wait and I came back and 1/66 of downs. I believe my bloods were very good as due to my age I should have had a worse score as it were.

Like another poster I was shocked that in Scotland our babies aren't tested for Edward's and pateaus syndrome. Especially when sat there sobbing and going through 11 attempts to get blood from me she explained about all 3 syndromes, that led me to think they test for it.

I didn't want to have the amniocentesis so I was offered the chance to have my 20 weeks scan at 18 weeks. Those 6 weeks wait were truly hellish. Had my scan and baby looks perfectly healthy. I understand downs can still be diagnosed post birth but for us our baby will still be wanted as much

Sorry for rambling but I wanted to give a positive result in terms of measurements of neck!

Missy38 Mon 24-Aug-20 00:16:34

Hi op, I had the same at 13 week scan, nt of 3.6, sent me to cardiff fetal also, I had a appointment a week later at 14 weeks and the nt had disappeared, they scanned me every 3 weeks though as I had high risk for ds 1 in 15, I was offered the nipt at 16 weeks and came back all low risk, I waited for the 20 week scan before deciding wether to take the amnio test but no markers and all was clear, so was the heart scan at 20 weeks and 23 weeks, anyway cardiff discharged me at 24 weeks as all looks normal, no markers, I've been going to my local hospital now for growth scans every 2 weeks, all looks good and my due date is a week Wednesday 😬, dr Beattie at cardiff is Brill he didn't scare me like the hospital did, at my 13 week scan they were like oooh we are really sorry and can arrange termination etc etc, I'm like what??? Didn't even know what it was, yeah I had 50% chance of baby not surviving up until I passed the 20 week because of the fluid, but I think they frighten people more than they should, what will be will be now as I'm due in over a week and this little boy is a crazy wriggler lol, all the best with your pregnancy, this site has been a god send for me, without it I would be lost with all the positive stories, and sadly I've spoke to some really nice people with not good outcomes ❤ but all have really helped me out xx

Missy38 Mon 24-Aug-20 00:18:11

* and just to add, my first scan took forever for her to get the measurements, baby laying awkward and had to jump and walk around, took over an hour just to get the measurements right *

Lloydy88 Fri 04-Sep-20 07:03:55

Update on post - Had the bloods back from 1st screening. Had 1in20000 for Edwards & Patau and 1in39 for Downs.
Had a scan and the NT measured slightly less which was good.
Had the NIPT test and all results came back as low.
Thankfully, we can now chill a little and hope the 20week scan reveals all organs (esp heart) are healthy. smile
Feeling so much better. Thank you for all replies, really helped me over the last 2 weeks. x

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Mads12345 Fri 04-Sep-20 09:06:22

Hi everyone. I thought I'd tell my story so far as it may help some people. I had a NT measurement of 3.6mm at my 12 week scan but low risk bloods. I then had a nipt plus test done which came back as low risk and an early morph scan at 16 weeks which showed everything developing perfectly. I then had my 20 week morph scan which also showed everything looking great. I am going back for a last scan at 29 weeks as the specialist said that very rarely something can show up on a 29 week scan that is significant. He said he's been working as a specialist for 14 years and only ever seen it twice but it's a precaution. I'm now back to my local doctor and am classed as having a 'normal pregnancy'. The specialist said I have about a 4% chance of something being wrong chromosomaly because I did not do the invasive testing (amnio or CVS) although it was still offered to me at my 20 week scan. All in all bubs is looking perfect and my OB has reassured me today that the chances of something being wrong now are very slim and to try and relax and enjoy pregnancy. I'm currently 21 weeks. Good luck to everyone x

Missy38 Fri 04-Sep-20 12:13:51

mads12345 that's my exact story, except my 3.6nt resolved itself at 14 weeks, I'm now 40 +2 lol and waiting, I choose not to do the invasive tests also as my nipt and scans all came back normal so I'm fingers crossed also everything will be OK, I've been having growth scans every 2 weeks from 28 weeks and all looks normal xx

Missy38 Thu 10-Sep-20 10:35:17

Just a quick update, baby born yesterday with no problems what so ever after all that worry with NT and 1 in 15 for downs, he is perfect little bundle x

Fefefe Thu 10-Sep-20 17:44:14

Ahh I am so so chuffed for you Missy38. Congratulations!

Lloydy88 Thu 10-Sep-20 17:44:33

@Missy38 this is such lovely news! Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! 🥰 - I have another 4 1/2weeks until my 20week scan and hoping to feel better then once hopefully all is OK! smile xx

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Sussexbysea Wed 14-Oct-20 09:00:29

@Lloydy88 how did you get on at your 20 week scan?xx

Lloydy88 Wed 14-Oct-20 18:03:26

@Sussexbysea - Hi, we had our 20 week scan yesterday - we had a heart scan and the anomaly 20week scan and everything came back as normal. We are just extremely grateful and blessed. Obviously we have the small percentage (less than 1%) that there could be chromosonal problems but I finally feel I can relax for the second half of the pregnancy! smile - It's been a whirlwind first half! - @Missy38 - we spoke to Dr Beattie same as you, he was lovely and it was lovely that he could only say that we could go forth and not have any other scans until the birth now!

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Missy38 Wed 14-Oct-20 18:39:57

Ahh brill news, listen to dr beattie and now enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, I panicked for nothing, baby is perfect, just a little shorty lol, good luck xx

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