Harmony test - low fetal fraction

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MaryShelley1818 Sat 25-Jul-20 09:52:56

Definitely nothing to worry about, just one of those things.

The same happened to me last time with my DS and I had the redraw and all results came back perfect.

My BMI is higher than yours and I had mine on Monday for my second baby at 10+6. Now have the anxious wait! Hoping I don't need another redraw as my veins are terrible.

JessicaPeach Fri 24-Jul-20 17:14:31

I am nearly 39 and expecting dcda twins and had a harmony test done last week at 11+4. I've had the result come back as redraw needed as one fetal fraction came out at 3.6 instead of the required 4.

Is this anything to worry about? My bmi is 31 so I suppose that hasn't helped, I'm having a redraw on Monday but in the meantime had my nhs scan (and decided to have the screening with them too anyway, understanding that a low risk result from the harmony test will essentially trump this) The nt measurement for both twins was 1.4 so no concern there which has put my mind at rest a little bit but still feeling unsure as I presume I might not end up with a result from the harmony test at all.

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