Breech baby with small head

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Piglet11 Sat 11-Jul-20 13:18:46

At my 20 week scan one of my babies (I’m having twins) was measuring on the 50th centile for head measurement and at the time was head down. I had a growth scan yesterday (at 24 weeks) and the same baby is now breech and is on the 3rd centile for head circumference. I was so worried about it but the consultant said it could maybe be to do with the baby being breech and not able to get an accurate measurement. Has anyone has this and everything been ok. I’m having another scan in 2 weeks to see if there is any change but meanwhile I am terrified

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Piglet11 Sun 12-Jul-20 00:56:38


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whutchison Fri 14-May-21 21:20:46

please update me. In the same boat.

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