nuchlar fold 7.5 mm 20 week scan

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SamK93 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:10:04

I had my 20 week scan yesterday at 21 weeks and have been going out of my mind. At the end of my scan the sonographer explained to me that the skin at the back of my baby's neck was measuring 7.5mm when it should be measuring anything up to 6mm. Everything else seemed normal and no abnormalities found. She said because she has took a measurement of 7.5mm she has to refer it to fetal med for a second opinion and I will be most likely hearing from them after the weekend. She said it may be that they think it's an isolated thing and not do anything or they may want to do further investigations. During my scan I remember her asking if I had the screening for downs etc and I said I hadn't. just going out of my mind really, anyone been in a similar position?

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Missy38 Sun 21-Jun-20 21:09:09

Hi, I had similar at 12 weeks scan, thickness on the neck but was just over at 3.6, mine did resolve itself by week 14 though and so far all scans have come back as normal, i declined the invasive tests as I had the harmony test which came back low and also no other markers on scans as of yet, im now 30 weeks, was also transfered to fetel medicine for most of my scans and tests, i was the same full of worry and didn't enjoy my pregnancy at all up until now and I still constantly worry wondering if all will still be OK, try to relax harder than said I know as I think they would have picked up other things on your 20 week scan if anything was wrong? Hoping all goes OK for you

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