Nipt accurate on gender?

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cupoftea84 Mon 18-May-20 22:50:52

I've just got my nipt prenatal test results.
I know it sounds horrendous but I'm gutted about the gender. We've got a toddler of the same gender and I was hoping for one of the other.
I would like 3 children but my husband wants 2. This will make me want a 3 rd more and put pressure on us both emotionally and financially.
I am super aware how lucky we are but I can't help that I'm upset it's how I feel.
Anyone ever heard of it being wrong?

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FourPlasticRings Mon 18-May-20 22:55:21

No, I think it's pretty certain, unless the baby has anl sex chromosome abnormality and that's very rare. Generally, if they've detected a Y chromose it's a boy and if they haven't it's a girl.

FourPlasticRings Mon 18-May-20 22:55:41

*a not anl

FourPlasticRings Mon 18-May-20 22:56:12

*chromosome not chromose.

I'm not doing well tonight!

FourPlasticRings Mon 18-May-20 22:57:40

FWIW, it'll be lovely to have two the same as they are more likely to have similar interests, you can have them in one hotel room on holiday as teenagers while you and DH have the other... All sorts of advantages.

cupoftea84 Mon 18-May-20 23:02:01

Thanks for the positives. I'm from a family of mixed genders so it's a struggle for me. I know we're very lucky to have 2 but I don't see me accepting this as our complete family and that is going to cause issues.
Will focus on the baby though who I know I will adore regardless.

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popcorndiva Mon 18-May-20 23:25:30

I agree with @fourplasticrings. Lots of advantages to having two of the same gender. You won't spend weekends going in two different directions. They can share clothing past the baby stage.


MrsP2015 Mon 18-May-20 23:55:44

I have 1 dc and if I had another would desperately want the same gender. To the point I sometimes think I'm not sure we should try for another as there's a 50/50 chance of the opposite gender.

I feel awful writing that.

Before people start waving flags can o just add these feelings are secondary to a healthy and well baby regardless of its gender.

Two of the same would for me be amazing however in that there's still the chance they could be opposites 😂

Hopefulhen Tue 19-May-20 00:03:04

I believe that if you had a male child first the test for a subsequent but closely timed pregnancy can come back with a ‘false positive’ for the Y chromosome. Apparently the DNA of boy babies remains in the mother’s system for longer. I’ll try and find an article to back this up but I’m fairly certain I remember my GP explaining this to me.

cupoftea84 Tue 19-May-20 08:01:16

It also appears I've messed up a bit. DH didn't realise we'd get the gender and the lady asked me on the phone when they rang with the results and I just said yes I'd like to know. I should have discussed it with him, the finding out the gender, in advance. I just decided to know which wasn't fair.
Think I was so focused on the other things they were testing for that I didn't apply my mind to that.

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FourPlasticRings Tue 19-May-20 15:58:07

Oh dear. I hope your DH gets over it soon- an honest mistake but I can see why he's upset.

I think maybe people just prefer the set up they had growing up- I'd prefer two the same as I was one of two girls and we had a fantastic time growing up and are still really close today. We're totally different personalities though- my sister was a total tomboy, whereas I was less rough and tumble, more into dolls and books.

I think the tendency of people to prefer the set up they had growing up is reassuring, because it suggests that both work well.

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