Nuchal Fold + high hcg

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birdkat88 Sun 17-May-20 09:05:00

Hi All,
I found out last week that I am considered high risk re. Down syndrome for baby number 2.
Nt 3
HCG 2.23

Has anybody had a similar set of stats and everything has turned out OK?
The high NT is really worrying me.

I have done a NIPT but results are on the go slow due to Covid.

Thanks for your time smile

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birdkat88 Sun 17-May-20 09:06:07

Forgot to add, scan was at 13.1 and baby measured 79 mm

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Momlin Sun 17-May-20 10:10:12

Hi @birdkat88, sorry you’re going through this right now. I’m in the same position and awaiting my results from a CVs test either Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
Baby NT I was told was in the normal range and was 2.5mm and no other soft markers and was just told I had low PAPP-A and high hcg didn’t get the levels. And I have a 1:33 of Trisomy 21.

We decided to go straight in for the CVs and The waiting for the results is torture it’s really horrible so I feel your pain.
I hope to hear you get your results soon.

LDB0383 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:38:45

Hi both, I hope you are doing ok. Have you had any update from the hospital? I'm booked in for CVS on Friday and terrified!

Momlin Wed 03-Jun-20 16:39:01

I had my cvs about 2 weeks ago now and got our results back 3 working days but 5 days including the weekend.
Very happy to say we got an all clear result.
The CVS wasn’t actually that bad at all it was the waiting for the results afterwards that got us. Fingers crossed the results come back quickly for you

LDB0383 Wed 03-Jun-20 17:20:05

Thanks for replying - really glad that all is ok. The call from the hospital was the last thing I was expecting so glad it'll be over soon and reassuring to know it's not as bad as I think it'll be. Good luck through the rest of your pregnancy smile

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