High risk Raised hcg raised Papp-a

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Annie5213 Sat 04-Apr-20 11:57:57

I’m wondering if anyone can shed any light or positive experience on my nt scan results. I have come back as high risk for t21
Age : 35
Nt:2.8 but still under the 3.5 normal limit.
Hcg: 1.28 (only slightly raised)
PAPP-a: 1.52 (slightly raised)

I thought with t21 your Papp-a was low. I’m really worrying about this and wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences with both hormones slightly raised.

This broken down creates a chance of only 0.7 being a problem. This seems low yet I’m considered high risk
Thank you

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Twinsat42 Tue 27-Oct-20 04:33:46

Hi @Annie5213 did you get to the bottom of this? I have high hcG and high PAPP-A, normal NT 1.80mm and am 41, risk of 1:100
I am also expecting twins. I cannot find anywhere about high PAPP-A and HGC?!

Sixpencefaux Tue 27-Oct-20 08:19:58

Hi - i had a similar hcg and an NT of 3.2. I thought your hcg was normal and 2 or 3 was high?

Annie5213 Tue 27-Oct-20 08:40:17

Twins@Twinsat42 this caused me so much stress. In the end I paid for the nipt test in Leeds which cost £400 and it was well worth the money for them to tell me my baby was fine. I was spending ages googling and not finding anything. My baby is now 4 days old and absolutely perfect! Good luck

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Twinsat42 Tue 27-Oct-20 08:59:25

@Annie5213 I’ve head the bloods run twice and it keeps saying didn’t meet quality required but no further detail. I’m struggling to hold it together. I didn’t want to have amnio unless I got a positive Harmony. So pleased you got the all clear that’s amazing.
My markers were:
NT 1.80mm
HcG 3.76
Papp a 2.47
Obviously the hcG and Papp which is then somehow shared between the two of them! But they can’t tell you how much.

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