28 week scan anomaly

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Taylor38 Wed 04-Mar-20 17:40:50

At our 20 week scan it was found that our baby had a dilated kidney. They rescanned with the consultant who wasn’t too concerned and just booked us in for a further scan at 28 weeks. We had that scan on Monday which has shown the kidney is still dilated but more worryingly they also found that the baby now has a dilated posterior ventricle, fluid on the brain. I’m back in tomorrow for a scan with the consultant as there was no one at the hospital to talk to us on Monday. I’ve been practical about the whole thing so far this week, no point worrying until we know more, but I’m starting to worry about tomorrow’s scan and what they are going to say.

Has anyone had any similar scans? I want to go into the scan with a positive but realistic expectation of the possible outcomes.

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pottypotamus Fri 06-Mar-20 10:24:16

Hello @Taylor38
Sorry you are going through this. How did you get on in your following scans/appointments?

I don't have any advice but am going through similar. There was some extra fluid found on brain at my 20 week scan. I'm waiting for a referral appointment to come through.

Hope you're ok xx

Taylor38 Fri 06-Mar-20 16:04:43

Fingers crossed for you x
We had a meeting with the consultant who was helpful. Gave us the option of some additional tests, an MRI and the NIPT private test.
However we’ve decided not to go down that route. Everything else with babies development looks good so we’re just going to continue being monitored, keep and eye on what happens, and hope for the best that it’s just one of those things and nothing serious.

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