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Mama2b21 Sun 04-Apr-21 05:03:06

Hi! In the same position! Had 20 week anomaly scan today at hospital- everything was perfect baby boy was active and growth was well. However the sonographer spent some extra time on babies heart, first she said she couldnt see due to his hand being in the way then she tried from another angle but also mentioned a little extra fluid in the heart ‘which could be normal’. She then explained she will refer us to another hospital for a proper check just to be on the safe side and it looks more normal than not. However on the referral letter she wrote ‘4 chambers not clearly visible’ which has worried me horribly. Im sure everything is ok but I keep getting teary and think its so unfair to make pregnant women wait in anticipation!!

StaceyIre Wed 03-Feb-21 21:48:34

So glad to read this, got sent to foetal medicine for a further scan and googling myself silly....

Toottoot20202 Tue 18-Feb-20 20:54:03

After spending a four day wait to see a consultant scaring myself silly trawling through some really sad threads, I wanted to put a positive experience into the mix Incase it reassures anyone in a similar situation

We were referred to fetal medicine after the 20wk anatomy scan when the sonographer wasn’t happy with the size of the pulmonary and aorta vessels in relation to one another. The antenatal staff were kind and took great pains to explain that this could be due to position / view of the baby and could be within normal parameters. However I was shocked and scared and couldn’t help googling myself into a black hole of bleak scenarios reading about severe congenital heart defects while the long four day wait to see a consultant passed.

Fast forward to today and we had an in-depth scan of the babies heart reviewed by a consultant who was happy that everything looked totally normal.

A massive relief and I’m really grateful for the care and attention my baby has received from the NHS staff so far. So for anyone who finds themselves with this type of referral, I hope you can be reassured by the fact that the sonographers can sometimes just be being ultra cautious and asking for a second opinion before saying everything is fine. I hope you can do what I didn’t manage to, and stay calm until you know more. That period of waiting and not knowing is just torture.

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