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Harmony test & nuchal fold

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Kangaroo77 Wed 12-Feb-20 10:27:22

Hi all,

I've just had my first scan at 10+5 but the baby is actually measuring 2 days bigger so adjusted to 11wks. The scan was part of the NIPT testing and not NHS one (yet). All seemed fairly positive however they wouldn't measure the nuchal translucency as the baby needs to be 45mm and mine is only 43mm. All in all it was a positive experience.

However, my first pregnancy was Trisomy 13 (Patau) and I remember how my world literally collapsed when I got the phone call to confirm. I chose to have a medical termination at 18.5 weeks, all very traumatic but I went on to have two healthy girls afterwards. This was with my ex partner, he left shortly after my second daughter was born.

FF some years later and now my girls are 4 and 6 and I have a wonderful supportive (younger) partner and we got pregnant with my third (his 1st) almost as soon as we started trying last November. We've been together nearly 3 years and we're delighted to bring another child into our lives to cement our lovely blended family.

So everything is great BUT I am now suddenly convinced something is wrong with the baby. After studying my scan pictures I can't tell if the NT is very thick (and therefore an issue) or if it is the umbilical cord or the amnion (sac). Googling isn't helping at all. I keep seeing pictures of high NT like mine. I'm terrified. I've cried 3 times since yesterday already. The gloom is suffocating me and it's bring the first pregnancy trauma back.

I also feel bad for robbing my partner of his joy as I'm stressing out so much. I know I should worry when there's something to worry about. I know all this. Does anyone relate? Anyone else waiting for bloods? I should add I'm 42 so also v high risk 😬.

Any reassuring similar worries would help. Has anyone else had similar lines to mine and it all be ok? Thanks for reading.

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Sussexmidwife Wed 12-Feb-20 17:46:28

@Kangaroo77 It is absolutely understandable that you are suddenly feeling very anxious. It is becoming recognised that experiences like yours can lead to PTSD which is what you are experiencing now.
The sonographer was absolutely correct not to measure the NT because it is not a reliable indicator at this gestation - even a few days can make a huge difference. I am contacted fairly frequently by people who have been told that their baby's NT is increased when they are around the same gestation as you. When they have their scan at more than 11+5 weeks (45cm CRL) the NT is within the normal range. An accredited sonographer at the right gestation is the person you need to put your mind at rest (plus your NIPT result of course). Do you have your NHS first trimester scan booked soon?
Just a point to think about and perhaps try to refocus your thinking slightly: at 42 you are at an increased chance of various issues in pregnancy, compared to someone of 22, but those risks are actually pretty small. You are not "very high risk" but you do now have a slightly higher chance. Sorry if that sounds picky, but I think that so many women get terrified because of the language we use in healthcare about risk.
Hoping you get reassurance about your precious baby soon.

Kangaroo77 Thu 13-Feb-20 10:20:04

@Sussexmidwife Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I definitely feel better today and have managed to calm my anxiety somewhat. Yesterday I was full panic mode and what you say about PTSD is really interesting because whether it's as bad as that, I definitely went back to the place I was at before when I was told I had trisomy 13 which was traumatic for me. My NIPT bloods come back next week and my NHS scan is booked for 24th. I'll be 13 weeks. Thanks again, very much appreciated. Xx

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