12w4d NT 5.2mm high rate of miscarriage please help ..

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PaddyDarby19 Wed 11-Dec-19 17:57:52

Hi my name is Amy. I am 26 and I am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I am new to this but from reading previous threads I feel like I need to reach for support. I went for my 12 week scan on Friday 6/12/19. I was excited but I was also terrified. My Partner and I are expecting our first little one and it has been a straight forward nauseous tiring exciting pregnancy so far ... we were told by the sonographer that our baby has a NT of 5.2mm which is high I know now all other things were fine normal heartbeat, nasal bone present ,bouncy and beautiful... she then rushed us into the quiet room where we tried to digest the news..I knew it wasn’t good because her expression and reaction was something I see on a day to day basis at work only ..with animals.

We were then told that it was ideal to take bloods and do screening for t21,13,18.

After we were booked in for an appt to meet a foetal Medicine specialist yesterday to ‘discuss further’..

The lovely midwife after the 12 was scan went over possible reason for the high NT such as infection, chromosome abnormalities, heart defect etc

She also told us it might be ok and just a variation of normal.

After a long scary bleak weekend, I gathered myself together and tried to hope for the best and that it would be ok...

We were then told that my bloods were normal but due to the NT and other factors there was risk for 1 in 5 t21 and 1 in 843 for t13,18.

I was ok with this.. downs was something we could deal with.

We went for the follow up yesterday and met a lovely gentle lady who smiled all of the time. We could see the baby bouncing away on the screen, heartbeat normal.
When she finished she said that the NT was the same but there was a generalised swelling under the baby’s skin mainly around the abdomen.
My heart stopped because she stopped smiling. She then said we have 3 possibilities 1- miscarriage 2 - chromosome defect or 3 heart issue.

She said it was not good and I had a 50% chance of miscarrying as this condition had very poor prognosis.

I asked if there was any chance everything will be ok and she smiled and said there may ben a slight chance...

We are heartbroken.. I am so scared and feel lost. She offered to do the cvs at that point but I was too distraught so she advised for us to go home and try to digest.

I spoke with the midwife and have been booked in for a cvs on Monday.

I’m terrified I’m going to lose this little life.

It kills me because he/she is so evidently happy and comfy on the screen she’s punching bouncing and doing everything it should..

All of my family live in Ireland and not many know about it as I wanted to surprise them for xmas. My partner is amazing but he just wants me to be safe and happy.

If anyone had any similar stories or advice I would greatly appreciate it..

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OrangeZog Wed 11-Dec-19 17:59:50

I’m so sorry you are going through this. Have you looked at ARC’s website?

Biddy93 Wed 11-Dec-19 18:02:46

OrangeZog Hi yes I spoke to them yesterday and were lovely and supportive but couldn’t really tell me anything that I haven’t been told already.

Nanmumandmidwife Wed 11-Dec-19 22:02:08

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Biddy93 Wed 11-Dec-19 22:19:34

@Nanmumandmidwife thank you for your response I am very grateful. Have you heard any success stories similar to this situation ? I may be silly but im still clinging to a thread of hope.

Nanmumandmidwife Wed 11-Dec-19 22:26:47

Yes, I have seen babies in a similar situation who have survived. Some have had cardiac issues or chromosomal issues, for some nothing was ever found to explain the fluid.
There is still so much we don’t understand about the development of babies
What you do now depends totally on your own beliefs and how much you can cope with uncertainty. I would certainly urge you to spend time thinking very carefully before agreeing to an invasive test. Only you can decide how the risks & benefits stack up

Mummylanie3 Thu 12-Dec-19 18:48:04

At my 12 week scan I had an nt of 4.1 my results came back 1/25 for downs 1/80 for the other two like you I was reffered for CVS I went for CVS and they ended up doing an amnio and refferal to another hospital for a fetal heart scan at my amnio my nt had gone up to 5.5 I got my first set of results 5 days later for the 3 tristostomys and they were all clear and I found out I was having a little girl 2 weeks later I got full result no chromosome issues had my heart scan last week nt is now normal and that scan was all clear I'm now 21 weeks my only advise is to take each day as it comes the waiting for the results was the hardest part for me but like I thought I can't control the outcome no matter what I do and thankfully all was ok i hope you get the same positive outcome and it's just a high unexplained nt

Robs20 Thu 12-Dec-19 18:55:27

I had 1:28 risk for downs also due to high NT measurement. Consultant did a detailed scan the next day and as everything looked ok she advised the nipt over cvs. Nipt was ok so I then had a cardiac scan and have another one in 3 weeks time.
I got lots of support on here (was only a few weeks ago) and it is an insanely emotional time. I have to say, I sort of decided I could cope with downs but I know downs is a huge spectrum.
Good luck with your cvs, if you have any specific questions please let us know.

Biddy93 Thu 12-Dec-19 20:24:18

@Mummylanie3 and @Robs20 thank you for replying and for sharing your story, it means a lot. I’m just worried about the fluid more than anything really. Just taking it day by day really xx

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