Combined I being irrational?

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ealexia Thu 05-Dec-19 16:05:25

So I got my results from my combined screening. They came back low risk which is great. However, the number I was given has given me anxiety. I have a Down syndrome risk of 1:380 . The nt measurement was also 3.3mm which is very close to the 3.5mm cut off point.

To me this feels like a really low number and I can’t shake the negative feelings. I feel like I’m going abit crazy. Probably being irrational because people get high risk results but I feel like I’m constantly worry and not enjoying my pregnancy.

Has anyone ever been in this position? Did you consider having nipt/harmony testing?

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Gilbert82 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:25:20

1:380 is 0.26% chance of your baby having Down syndrome, it’s a very low chance

SarahD19 Thu 05-Dec-19 18:34:43

Rationally it is statistically a very low risk. Of course everyone has their thresholds that vary. If you think further testing would alleviate your anxiety, then go ahead; however reading this, part of me wondered if that might make it worse for you? For instance would you potentially start critiquing and questioning any flaws in those tests and escalate your anxiety even further?

What is your biggest worry? I wondered if there is possibly more going on for you than the screening result...

Nanmumandmidwife Fri 06-Dec-19 00:27:20

I have worked with many women who have felt as you do. Statistics are hard to deal with when they are about our babies!
I suggest if you can afford the £350 or so for NIPT, think hard about will it actually settle things for you if you (as you almost certainly will) get a low chance result. It is still a screening test so cannot give a definite answer. If it will help then go ahead. Sometimes as PP has said it can feed anxiety if you do more or you may just move the anxiety on to something else.

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