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Chaosonthehorizon Tue 12-Nov-19 20:19:17

Hi does anyone know why the FMC doesn’t offer the panorama? I am booked in for the harmony this week and wondering if I have made a mistake and should be having the panorama as it seems to screen for more stuff? Thanks

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Nanmumandmidwife Tue 12-Nov-19 20:59:32

Much of the stuff that Panorama offers to “test” for is unvalidated or of unknown significance so, frankly, a waste of money. Non invasive testing is a very good example that more (or more expensive) is not necessarily better

Chaosonthehorizon Tue 12-Nov-19 21:34:53

Thank you so much that is really helpful. Will stick with FMC, chose to go there due to past history.

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Nanmumandmidwife Tue 12-Nov-19 21:37:10

The team at the FMC are good. If you want to talk through decision please feel free to PM

Chaosonthehorizon Wed 13-Nov-19 10:40:40

Thank you so much, that is really kind.

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