New to England & pregnant, can you help me please?

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CaterinaB Sat 09-Nov-19 20:54:02

Hello everyone,

I'm a mother of one, moved to Cambridge in August, and I've just found out I'm around 5 weeks pregnant.

Last time around I had a very healthy pregnancy and an unmedicated vaginal delivery, and I'd love for this second pregnancy to be monitored by a midwife and then aim for a birthpool delivery at The Rosie maternity. Of course, as long as everything goes as smoothly as with my daughter.

My question is: what step follows my positive home pregnancy test? Should I call my local GP or go to The Rosie straight? When should I sign up for antenatal classes? When can I expect to have my first overall health and pregnancy assessments?

Thank you very much, any comment or suggestion will be much appreciated (also about The Rosie if you're familiar with them)!


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Babyfg Sat 09-Nov-19 21:34:41

Book an appointment with your go and they'll refer you to the hospital of your choice. Then you wait for the letter from the hospital that will tell you what to do next. I think one of my booking appointments came with the referral letter and the other I had to ring and book.

Babyfg Sat 09-Nov-19 21:34:59

Gp not go!

Weathergirl1 Wed 20-Nov-19 21:58:48

@CaterinaB go to GP first and they'll give you the number to call the relevant team (depending where in the city you are). I had booking at about 7 weeks & dating scan at 13. Midwife appointments were then 16, 25, 28, 32, 34, 36 weeks etc.

Can't help with antenatal classes as we didn't do any (used positive birth company digital pack). You will need to look out for the Rosie tour booking information on their website as you can only book from a certain date for a specific tour & only after you're about 30 weeks (I think) but we weren't told about it by our midwife (our doula mentioned it).

DM me if you like!

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