NT 3.5mm at 10wk and 4/5 days

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Jcbubba Fri 25-Oct-19 13:13:52

Hello, sorry I know there are so many posts on this but I wanted to write.

My DW (is that right?) had a scan today and little one looked fit and well, but the NT came up high at 3.5mm at 10wks and 4/5 days. My DW has had two healthy little ones before and is 42.

I see it’s high and the scan may be done a shade early .. some reassuring things about it may be inconclusive but I’m worried sick.

I just wonder what the odds are at this stage and if there have been others in this position? It’s horrid confused.

It’s even more painful when everything else looks fit as a fiddle.

I read 6mm means real trouble ... so maybe things could be ok??

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Nanmumandmidwife Fri 25-Oct-19 19:34:57

@Jcbubba What was CRL measurement? A few days really matter here. Glad to say that it is well within the bounds of possibility/pretty likely that your baby is fine. NT is only validated as a marker for further investigation after 11 weeks and I have often seen situations where it looked a little “increased” before 11 weeks, but all completely ok. I’m assuming this was an extra private scan? Do you have another scan booked between 11 and 13+6 weeks?
3.5mm is the point at which interest it’s taken in the NT (11-13wks 6days) 3.4 being classified as “normal range”. It is clearly a very challenging measurement at times and there is a formalised validation process that accredited sonographers have to adhere to in the NHS to use this measurement as part of the combined test.
What advice were you given?
I am a midwife specialising in this area, so happy to discuss further & answer any other questions on here or by PM
Sometimes life is made harder by getting extra information, & this is certainly true with scans. I feel for you. It is really hard being worried about your baby.

Jcbubba Fri 25-Oct-19 22:34:13

@Nanmumandmidwife hello, thank you for the reply - I don't think we could have hoped for a better reply at all! You've cheered us up. smile

So on the scan, it says CRL = 38.9mm (10w5d). It was an extra private scan. Added to the turmoil ... we've moved home recently and as such we haven't sorted out GPs, but we're doing this Monday. Then I guess we'll get registered and get the normal scan, I suppose?

We also went for the NIPT too, so awaiting results of this. The only real advice we were given was to seek counselling, which she refused as she had to have the scan up North whilst I was stuck at work. She just wanted to get home up there after the news.

I think you are right, I've been googling and reading all sorts of studies and I just don't know.

Could we PM you please? It would really reassure us whilst we get ourselves settled with a GP and a midwife here. Thank you!

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