Not of 4.1mm at 12+6wks

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Mummylanie3 Mon 21-Oct-19 17:07:23

Just had my 12 weeks scan and was told I have a high nt results they took some bloods reffered me to another hospital for a heart scan at 18 weeks and said I will have a consultant scan at 16 weeks heads all over the place not really sure what to think don't think I took much in of what she was saying

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GrumpyHoonMain Mon 21-Oct-19 17:09:16

Could you afford a private NIPT test? Might cut out some of the stress.

Mummylanie3 Mon 21-Oct-19 17:18:01

I could she was more focused on talking about the heart scan then risk of downs and that and I can't have the heart scan till 18 weeks x

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GrumpyHoonMain Mon 21-Oct-19 17:26:43

Might be wrong but heart issues, a raised NT and downs etc can often go hand in hand. If you get the NPT at least you might be able to rule something out.

stucknoue Mon 21-Oct-19 17:28:40

I had the heart scan, it wasn't for suspected downs but a two vessel cord. Speak to your midwife

Nanmumandmidwife Mon 21-Oct-19 22:28:43

@Mummylanie. I can totally get why you feel confused. It is a very frightening situation to be told that your baby may have problems. I assume that the blood sample was for the combined test - that gives an estimate of the chance of Downs, Edwards and Pataus syndromes ( it will be expressed as 1 inxxx chance). The result will be affected by the increased NT, so quite likely to come back as Higher chance (1 in 150 or greater chance).
There are three main possibilities with an increased NT. 1 a chromosomal or genetic issue (not just the ones the combined test relates to), 2 a heart issue or 3 unexplained, just how your baby is made. Don’t rush into NIPT before discussing it with a specialist - it would not necessarily be the best thing for you in this situation.
I am an independent midwife specialising in supporting women/families with this type of issue. Happy to discuss by PM if you would like?

SylvanianFrenemies Mon 21-Oct-19 23:52:59

Sorry you are having such a worrying time. I would suggest calling the ARC-UK helpline for detailed and unbiased info and support.

As outlined above, one reason for a raised NT measurement is chromosomal abnormalities. If it would be important for you to know about Downs, Patau, Edwards or Turners Syndrome you might want to consider invasive testing. You could discuss this with a midwife and/or ARC.

Mummylanie3 Tue 22-Oct-19 07:30:17

@nanmumandmidwife that would be great if you wouldn't mind they said at hospital it will probably come back high risk cos of high nt

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Nanmumandmidwife Tue 22-Oct-19 07:59:09

@Mummylanie3 I have sent PM

Ruthsoph Sat 26-Oct-19 19:47:54

My NT came back as 4.8mm - I had already had the Harmony test which had come back as 1/10000 - so I had a cvs last week - the first part came back all ok, I have a heart scan on baby on Monday to see if that is all ok and awaiting the second part of my cvs results - maybe ask about a cvs test which will test everything xx

Mummylanie3 Wed 30-Oct-19 21:51:53

@ruthsoph I'm booked in for my CVS @ 9am on Monday starting to get nervous

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Ruthsoph Thu 31-Oct-19 01:30:14

@Mummylanie3 I know how you feel but it's the best thing to do to find out if there are any problems - the heart scan came back fine so now awaiting the second part of the cvs test results and honestly i am just on edge waiting it's not the best time esp with a growing bump that you just want to tell everybody but feel that you can't until you know all is well - good luck for Monday xx

Mummylanie3 Thu 31-Oct-19 13:34:25

@ruthsoph what was the CVS like is it painful just wondering what to expect

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Ruthsoph Thu 31-Oct-19 16:25:03

@Mummylanie3 it was just uncomfortable, they numb the area so you can't feel anything as such but you can feel a pulling if you know what I mean - the whole things lasts a few minutes and I just shut my eyes and took deep breathes - other half said the needle was very big - it's just upsetting being in this situation well that's what I felt anyway - I went home and laid in bed after and slept and watched tv - and the next day just took it easy - tummy felt bruised and there was a bruise but after that all ok xx

Mummylanie3 Thu 31-Oct-19 16:28:39

@Ruthsoph yeah it is upsetting this is my 4th pregnancy all rest were fine so this is a bit of a shock and once CVS is over with I still have heart scans and other things to have done I got 18 appointments through the post last week it's very overwhelming

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Ruthsoph Sun 03-Nov-19 07:13:38

@Mummylanie3 All the best for tomorrow, think of it as a blip in the pregnancy and once this is out the way you can start to relax and enjoy
I am still waiting my second part of results and it's the waiting that literally drives you crazy - you should hopefully hear the first part of your results by Friday xx

Mummylanie3 Sun 03-Nov-19 12:26:03

@ruthsoph yeah they said around 48 hours after so hopefully by Wednesday I should have something back it's like I'm just holding my breath until the results are back

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Mummylanie3 Mon 04-Nov-19 10:30:16

Didn't have CVS they did amnio as I'm 14+6 was not a pleasant experience but over and done with now

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Ruthsoph Mon 04-Nov-19 10:48:01

@Mummylanie3 bless you - try and put your feet up and relax today, hopefully the results will be back before you know it xxx

Ruthsoph Fri 08-Nov-19 14:16:20

@Mummylanie3 how are you getting on? Had my amino today so now just a long waiting game xx

Mummylanie3 Fri 08-Nov-19 14:42:24

@Ruthsoph I'm good back to normal had my fish results yesterday t time was longest wait ever but they have come back clear and I'm having a girl feel like a massive weights been lifted still got a consultant scan in ten days and heart scan in December but I'm feeling more at ease. How are u feeling after the amnio? Hope you get your results quick xxx

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Ruthsoph Fri 08-Nov-19 15:10:31

@Mummylanie3 that's fantastic news I am so happy for you and a girl too - yes I hope my results are quick xx

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