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Feeling worried.

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BabyWhitbread3 Sat 12-Oct-19 22:34:45

Hello, just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat as me and had a good outcome.. I had my 20 weeks scan 2 weeks ago and had to come back for another scan 10 days later as they said my babies head was measuring small, his head was measuring at 155.3 mm, went back last Wednesday would of been 22 weeks and his head was measuring at 178.3 mm which I’ve been told is to small so have to go back next Friday to see a specialist. Anyone else had this? Just wondering if his head will grow he still has a while to catch up right?

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JoanneMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Oct-19 12:01:24

Hi @BabyWhitbread3,

Sorry you're going through a worrying time. Would you like us to move your thread over to our Antenatal Tests topic? We think you'll find other mums who can offer you some advice and support over there. Just let us know by hitting the report button or replying here.

Sending good wishes flowers

RolytheRhino Mon 14-Oct-19 12:05:03

I have an acquaintance whose baby has a head that is too small medically but you can't tell just by looking. He seems fine, developing within normal expectations, just has to have more check ups. Hope it's the same for yours. I appreciate you must be very worried though, so flowers

BabyWhitbread3 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:01:58

Yes please thank you x

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JoanneMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Oct-19 14:49:52

That's fine, we're moving it over now and giving it a bump to get the thread back into Active Conversations for you.

Nanmumandmidwife Tue 15-Oct-19 21:45:01

@BabyWhitbread3 What a very worrying time for you. Something to remember is that the sonographers job is to identify whether or not measurements are in the average range. By definition we can’t all be “average”. There are lots of reasons why your baby’s head may have measured as small, and it may be that this is totally ok for your baby. How certain are your dates-obviously if baby is slightly younger than assumed that would alter the interpretation. I’d be happy to talk if you want to. I’ll be thinking of you & wish you well for Friday

BabyWhitbread3 Wed 16-Oct-19 17:17:47

Thank you for your message, this has being my thoughts about the dates as the measurements are only a week or 2 behind and we started trying the min my period stoped and they calculated it from the missed period which was the one following so he could of been conceived any time thru the 4 weeks, I have two other children which were both small babies so I'm prone to have small babies I guess, just never got told with the other two. His head did go up within the week when the scanned me which I'm holding on to hope Friday will tell me he has Carried on growing weather it's at his own pace or he has caught up. It's so scary because the internet tells you so many worrying things I know I shouldn't go on there but it's so hard not to. I really hope I get answers Friday because it has been hell having to wait every ten days for another scan, and all they have told me is not to worry which is in possible. Xxxx

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Nanmumandmidwife Thu 17-Oct-19 18:35:30

@BabyWhitbread3 hope your appointment tomorrow is useful and you get some reassurance. Let us know what happens.

BabyWhitbread3 Thu 17-Oct-19 23:30:52

I will do. The am you xx

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BabyWhitbread3 Fri 18-Oct-19 13:09:11

Hello so his head has grown a lot in the last 10 days they have told me his whole body is measuring small but not worrying enough so looks like I'm just having a small baby. They did do blood test just in case of any infection in me or him but apart from that I have been dismissed and they are not worried. Thank you for you thoughts xx

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RolytheRhino Fri 18-Oct-19 13:09:55

Great to hear, OP.[ smile]

Nanmumandmidwife Fri 18-Oct-19 18:53:45

Our children cause us so much worry! Glad to hear your news. Wishing you a lovely happy baby in due course! Xx

BabyWhitbread3 Fri 18-Oct-19 23:34:15

They sure do. Thank you I can finally look forward to having him now and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy xx

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