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Early scan dates me week behind - anyone have same story

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TtcanotherG Wed 02-Oct-19 22:00:29

Hi all.
Had early scan this morning. I've been tracking ovulation. I had a positive test 26th August so assume I ov the next day. Got a positive pregnancy test 5th September. Now I should be 7+1. Today the scan dated me 6+1. I need see the heartbeat. I'm wondering will baby catch up or is baby not developing as it should hence slow growth. I do understand they are quite small at this stage and hard to date but all my other pregnancies have been spot on. Can I hear ur stories good and bad please

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jglo Fri 04-Oct-19 08:41:33

I've had experience of both. I had a missed miscarriage with my first pregnancy, dating 7 weeks with no heartbeat when I should have been 11. I had an early scan in my current pregnancy which put me 2 weeks behind where I thought I was but caught up a week by my 12 week scan. The sonographer mentioned that they don't officially date the pregnancy at an early scan as it's difficult to get an accurate measurement. I think it's quite common to be a week or so out at an early scan, and unfortunately the only way to be sure of anything is to wait it out until your next scan and try to stay positive

starlightmagic Fri 04-Oct-19 08:42:46

My scan put me a week back, currently 13+3 and all ok

Mintypea5 Fri 04-Oct-19 08:45:56

Scan st 7ish weeks put me back by a week. Next scan was 12 weeks and I was only 3 days behind my date! Now 34 weeks pregnant with a very active baby

It's quite common the sonographer told me to be a week ahead or behind yeah early because what they're measuring is so small. They said you usually find you've caught up by your 12 weeks scan and they don't worry too much about a week.

Interestingly I have growth scans and baby is now bang on measurements for my original LMP date

TtcanotherG Fri 04-Oct-19 09:10:42

Oh girls thanks so much. I have read both good and bad. From now on I'm not searching anymore. I'm trying to be as positive as I can be. But then I do get worried and down think the worse. In those moments I'm going to look back at this thread to keep upbeat. Il will post how I get on. Unfortunately scan not for 2 weeks

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mrspotatohed Fri 04-Oct-19 10:59:48

My private early scan put me back 6 days. Then I got put forward a day at my nhs dating scan so all in all 5 days difference in size from my own calculations. I'm now 21+1 and shes been causing me lots of upset with bloody heartburn 😊

TtcanotherG Fri 04-Oct-19 12:16:08

Great to hear good news. I've been call for my nhs scan next Friday. Just got word. So we'll go from there

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CycleWoman Fri 04-Oct-19 17:00:08

With my first pregnancy I had early scans at 6 and 9 weeks. At the first scan the doctor told me the baby was far smaller than it should be and not to hold out too much hope. By 9wks baby was spot on and now a sturdy 2 year old.

I think that very early stages they are both hard to measure and they increase rapidly in size so it can be hard to put a date on. Fingers crossed for you.

coastergirl Fri 04-Oct-19 22:32:57

I've had experiences both ways. I've had three pregnancies. Had early scans in all of them for various reasons. All three I measured less than expected based on LMP. The middle pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. But the other two resulted in beautiful healthy boys. Both had caught up (and more) by the 12 week scan. Four year old is asleep upstairs. 16 week old is out for a walk in the pram with his dad as he wouldn't stop screaming! Little sleep-fighting monkey. Good luck!

BeanBag7 Fri 04-Oct-19 22:34:40

It's so hard to measure at that age and a difference of a few mm or so can change the date significantly when the fetus being measured is only a few cm long in the first place.

TtcanotherG Sat 05-Oct-19 09:22:50

Thanks girls

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TtcanotherG Fri 11-Oct-19 18:26:41

I've had a missed miscarriage. So things havent ended good for me unfortunately. Thank you all girls xo

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coastergirl Fri 11-Oct-19 21:15:30

Ah I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope that if you decide to try again you have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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