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Please look at this if you need some hope.

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margaritaproblems Tue 01-Oct-19 09:33:01

Hope it's ok to post this here. I'm coming back for an update.

I was clinging to this forum this time last year after our 12w scan.

We refused nuchal screening but they took us to the side at our 12 week scan and explained our baby had a 4.4mm nt measurement, which meant she had a 4.4mm cystic hygroma on her neck.

They said it could mean she was "not compatible with life" or that she might have chromosomal abnormalities. We had lots of appointments. Baby number 3 for us. I'm 28.

We were heavily pressured for amino and to consider abortion. I considered the nipt. I thought about it and then I thought that I'd didn't matter to me and I didn't want to terminate. It wouldn't change my actions so I didn't want the results.

The pregnancy was hell. She didn't move a lot, I was so anxious, we had consultant scans every 2 weeks.

Baby is now 6 months old. She was born absolutely perfect. It's all ok. It was ok.

All I could find when I looked was horror stories. I hope this gives comfort to somebody when they need it x

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TwinkleInMyEye2020 Sat 05-Oct-19 16:34:00

Thanks for sharing this. So glad all turned out well for you and your family. xx

cocop0pz Wed 09-Oct-19 02:28:59

Thanks for sharing! Glad your little girl turned out perfectly healthy.

Proof that sometimes ultrasounds can be a bit off.. or a lot off.. lol.

Sarahhoward Wed 09-Oct-19 03:10:54

So so happy for you! X

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