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Info about NIPT scan centers

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Kjampana Tue 03-Sep-19 03:45:46


Can i know where to get information or any one recommend good Private NIPT scan (Harmony test)centers with good a consultant in hampshire or nearby areas? I meant to ask mainly how one should choose the available private NIPT test centers for Harmony?

I am 12 week ( age 37) my NT measurement got it done today in NHS.It came out at higher on the mark(3.5mm).Waiting for blood results to know the risk percentage.

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Kjampana Tue 03-Sep-19 04:12:12

My understanding from previous related mumsnet posts is that Harmony is more accurate compared with combined NHS ones.If i decide,how soon i should go for private harmony?

Can anyone shed some light on these,pls?

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MajorFaffington Tue 03-Sep-19 22:29:39

Yes, the NIPT is more accurate than the NHS combined screening. Are you planning to have the NIPT done whatever the outcome of the NHS screening?

I would perhaps wait until you have the results of your NHS screening before deciding on a provider- I had a high risk NHS combined screening result and then was offered a NIPT via my hospital (though I still had to pay).

I am in the West Midlands and was given the ‘Lucina’ NIPT, done by Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital- I’m not sure if all hospitals do it like this and have their own local NIPT provider that you will be referred to if you have a high risk result.

MajorFaffington Tue 03-Sep-19 22:31:13

I should have said that if you have a high risk result you should be notified within 2-3 days, I believe.

Kjampana Tue 03-Sep-19 23:40:44

Thanks for your reply @major Faffington.
Blood results cameback .I have been informed today evening that the combined test came back as at increased risk for T21 downsyndrome (1:10).I enquired for harmony test and they offered me harmony through NHs( as a paid service).Booked in for tomorrow for harmony test in basingstoke.I am thinking to rely on this test to finalise as everyone is saying it's more accurate.Dont have courage to prolong futher if this result also comes as positive for Downs.

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Kjampana Wed 04-Sep-19 00:07:32

My Nuchal translucency 3.50 mm
Free Beta-hCG. 127.14 IU/l 3.36 MoM
PAPP-A. 4.804 IU/l 1.64 MoM
Not sure what the normal ranges for above.

The adjusted risk (combination of above+ age+ethinicity) is mentioned as higher 1:10.

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MajorFaffington Wed 04-Sep-19 09:57:40

Sorry to hear you had an increased risk result, but pleased that you have got your Harmony test booked in quickly. Most increased risk results do turn out to be false positives, so I hope that is reassuring.

The bHCG and PAPP-A MoM (Multiples of Median) are supposed to be as close to 1 as possible to be “normal”. Often in pregnancies with Down’s syndrome, bHCG is above 1 and PAPP-A is below 1. So although your bHCG is elevated, so is your PAPP-A, which isn’t typical with Down’s syndrome.

If the Harmony test comes back low risk, that’s considered sufficient, but if it comes back high risk you will be offered a CVS/Amnio to confirm. Whether you accept this depends on whether the result would affect any decisions you might make about continuing the pregnancy.

Kjampana Wed 11-Sep-19 16:41:45

My Harmony test results came back today as low probability(less than 1/10,000). Doctor told me that the chromosomal abnormalities can be strike out i.e all the 3 syndromes. Is this sufficient ? I heard from somewhere and even doctor has confirmed chromosomal abnormalities "only" be detected under HARMONY with more accuracy.

But what about the chances of others i.e neural,spina befida or cardiac related things.How will they will picked up? Doc told that the NT measurement (Mine at the border 3.5mm) may be sometimes related other cardiac or spinal also(as now chromosome related worries are cleared out) ..I requested for 16 th week scan but she said some times they won't be picked up in such an early scans (<22 weeks). Can anyone enlighten me on this,should i request for more scans/tests or am i thinking too much instead of being happy about the outcome.

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BogglesGoggles Wed 11-Sep-19 16:46:16

I’m glad your result can back. Structural abnormalities are usually picked up on the second routine scan (which is around 20 weeks from memory). You can pay to have private scans done at any point in your pregnancy but I don’t think you can always spot these issues until a bit later. Best of luck flowers

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